December wip. pregnant lady, chatty unborn babies

  • Here is a sketch of my idea for the prompt. Because it's still rough and I'm just working on compostion, missing are a few key pieces that tell the story......namely her expression and the fact that she is holding a stethoscope to her belly......idea is that she is overhearing her twin babies talking about her (shes's smiling so they're saying some good stuff apparently!).
    There are a few knitting needles around, a knitting bag organizer, the clothes tree with knitted baby sweaters (one pink one blue to show that there are two babies she is knitting for). Also the calendar with a circled date to indicate a countdown (due date for babies)
    any thoughts or crits apppreciated!
    I'll add tone afterwards. Light will be coming in through the window.decemberwipa.jpg ,

  • I added a bit to the background and indicated a stethocope. I think the arms of the chair might need to come up a bit or the seat cushion needs to go down (and the lady too). Right now they're almost at the same level.

  • SVS OG

    I like this idea. The objects in the room make it clear that she is expecting. I agree about the legs and chair height. Just think through the chair and legs carefully, drawing through, and you should be able to figure it out.

    One consideration: The hanging plant is a little distracting, and the space on the right side behind the chair is perhaps unnecessary. Perhaps try cropping some of that side off and see if you like it better.

    As for the woman herself, if it were me I'd omit the stethoscope and make her stomach bulge a little more. She's having twins, after all! You can emphasize her "baby bulge" with light, the hand gesture, and perhaps by making her a little bigger in the picture.

  • @LauraA thanks πŸ™‚ I had been working on things the last few days. Her belly is bigger lol. Her hands need redrawing. I'm going to get a better reference tomorrow (sit myself down with a pillow for a pregnant belly Ha ha).
    Will play around with crops and what it might look like without the plant.
    I don't have the stethoscope in there yet. I think it will make more sense then.
    There's a lot to be worked on, lots of edges and details, also no real light or shadow in there yet. Still figuring out a process for this illustration thang! πŸ™‚!
    I think if I had a graphic display device I'd start out with a more finished drawing but a straight up tablet doesn't lead to super drawings to start so I'm redrawing as I go.... Uphill learning process!

  • lots of work today. Still have to finish the stethoscope and the plant and a few details. I tried it without the plant but didn't like it as much. Starting to throw in some shadows to see what it looks like. Eyes are crossing. Mine not hers lol!!! Not sure how I'm going to get this done by tomorrow evening seeing as I have company coming tomorrow evening. πŸ˜› But I will submit it however finished it is.

  • What a great scene! Makes me curious to know what the babies (I’m assuming she’s having twins) are talking about πŸ™‚

  • @danielerossi must be good stuff I think because she's smiling πŸ™‚ !!!!

  • decemberwipl.jpg
    I will do a bit more work on this later but family committments are calling now πŸ™‚

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