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    Art by Neha Rawat

    We just dropped our final podcast episode for 2019!

    We want to go back to what our podcast is all about, illustration: how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact with your art. We share our takeaways and what we each learned about those points this year. We learned a lot and hopefully something that we learned this year can help you and give you some things to apply next year.

    Feel free to share some of your takeaways from 2019 here in this thread.

    To listen to the podcast and to see the shownotes and links click here.

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    You guys have provided SO MUCH useful, real life, information in your podcast, but I think what keeps me coming back is the relationship that you three have and the camaraderie you have with each other. Sometimes you make me laugh so hard. Your podcast is entertaining and I don't even think you are trying to be entertaining. You are just having such a good time and it shows. I'm happy that you share that with us. Thank you. 🙂
    PS. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!🎄

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    Thank you for all that you guys do. I love every episode.

    I really enjoy the relaxed format, the personal stories, and little jokes. It's nice to hear you all laugh and enjoy what you do. There are times that I put on an old episode just for background noise while I work, as it is relaxing to listen to you all speak.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Best wishes to all of you.

  • @Jake-Parker , great podcast as always!

    I learned that the more I learn, the less I know.

    I learned that I need to create art more than I consume it.

    I learned a little more about the three of you, and grateful to be on this journey with you and the SVS Community.

    I learned that I need to use reference more and stop beating myself up for not creating beautiful pieces from my imagination.

    I learned that in order to get better, I need to do more of what I suck in rather than staying in my comfort zone.

    I learned how to find at least 10min in my day to create. Wish I had more time, but sometimes I do, most of the time I don’t. Just keep going.

    As we wrap up for the year, I would like to share this commencement speech from Neil about making art.

    It’s a great inspiration for those like me that sometimes question why the heck am I even trying this?


  • @Jake-Parker
    To be pragmatic I learned a lot, I still am learning everyday and trying to include it on the long run, as lifelong education, since the moment we leave school we still keep absorbing information and acquiring bad habits even though we’re not quite aware of it.

    I’m the voracious and passionate student, the guy that carries the sketchbook everywhere all the time and always did, usually I take both the iPad and the sketchbook since I’m very picky with the organic drawing I get on paper, I am very fond of facial expressions and have based my whole artistic expression in portrait studies, sketches, and paintings on that. And for this same reason I’m contextualising, I did learn a lot from Will’s creative composition class, draw50things challenge and Tammy Smith’s branding for artists, for me these were the best Svslearn classes as it allowed me to see where I was slacking.

    Thought all classes are in general very good and display varied content that might please different sorts of art studies.

    All the best to svs in 2020

  • This episode arrived just at the right time for me! I’ve learned so much from the podcast and forums since I started listening earlier this year. And what a positive influence on my rusty skills. Thank you!

  • I'm excited to listen to this new podcast while doing my artwork this afternoon! Can't wait! I love this podcast and the 3 of you make it funny and priceless.

    Takeaway from 2019 - every piece needs to be a Slowvember process unless deadlines don't allow that. The longer I spend planning a drawing, practicing each aspect or skill first, testing colors and so on, the better it will turn out. Unless it's an informal sketchbook drawing, it's almost not worth me doing a finished piece without as much advance planning as necessary.

  • It's been a great year. Neil Gaiman's commencement address inspired me all year long. I made a plan based on "Am I too old for Art School"-the SVS early episode which provides a fantastic roadmap to learn and make art. My "mountain" for the year was to create 6 images in a sequence, a "mini-story"--I created a 3 page, 19 panel silent comic, finished it in September-so got ahead of my own schedule!


    1. Make more art than you consume. This is an easy barometer to assess, albeit sometimes a bit hard to live up to.
    2. Personal projects-use the class assignment to build up skills pointed at what you want to make.
    3. Take a few less classes, and focus on the ones I do take more intensely.

    Thank you for the podcasts, the encouragement-and the great community here.

  • Thank y'all so much for talking about how much major life events effect your art, and that that's ok. These past two years have been just awful in so many ways, because of my health; autoimmunity and thyroid damage have just rung me out. I couldn't do anything, and sometimes I couldn't feel anything either. It was absolutely hellish, and keeping everyone fed every day was an accomplishment (that is not an overstatement). Thankfully, my new doctor put me on a better hormone replacement, and I'm actually able to function now. I'm looking forward to the new year, and I plan to take SVS really seriously. I can't see why I can't make better art, and fail forward continually, if I was able to survive that.

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