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    This started out as two crows talking about the dead lady with her ghost listening behind the tombstone. But I had a lot of space above and wanted something a little more dynamic. So instead this is after she overheard them talking about her and the moment before she gets revenge. Thoughts? Edits? Changes? Crits? I'm all ears.

    I don't like the hair, so I am working on changing that up. I am also going to make the head larger so it looks more over looking.


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    @Chip-Valecek i like the composition, but why are the birds talking about the dead lady? What’s the story there? They seem like they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 🙂

  • Hey Chip!
    I’m Kaitlin - very very occasional SVS poster, long time lurker and learner, and a fan of yours!
    I agree with Lisa - the birds do look like they’re just hanging out, talking story. Maybe have them desecrate the tombstone - something wonderfully Chip. Maybe pooping on it? 😉
    I love the scary dead lady - perhaps you can tilt her head down so that she’s looking straight at the birds and coming down to dive at them. Even though she’s looking down at them there’s just a slight disconnect as her face is looking at us straight on.

    Excited to see this piece come together!

    Krampus approved.

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    @kaitlinmakes I loved your poop idea and had to run with it. Worked on the ghost some more as well. Started to throw some values in just to get a feel on how it will look. Hopefully I can get some time over xmas to work on it some more. In the meantime any crits?



  • @Chip-Valecek
    Wow Chip!!! This second draft has so much energy to it. I also like how you’ve rounded out the witch/ghost’s face - it pulls the illustration more into a commercial space, while still touching on grunge/horror. I’m really responding to your proportions with this piece- I think you’re getting some really dynamic shapes with your characters that also feel sophisticated.
    The background falls to the back enough to not fight for attention, and the back and forth between the witch and the birds are perfect - I also appreciate how her hair and ghost wisps frame the most important part of the scene.

    If you’re still playing with value, maybe make the ghosts hair and the Birds and the main grave stone darker - the whole image is feeling grey. But if you’ve already flushed it out, it’s a night scene(?) and I think you could get away with it.

    Lastly, I didn’t really know the prompt a week ago, but I think I might have led you astray. The guys seem to be huge sticklers about following the prompt to a T when they judge. “She overheard them talking about her.”
    I don’t know if this piece really tells that story anymore. But I think the story that you’re telling here is very cohesive and hilarious and well illustrated and fits in beautifully with your body of work. I feel like the birds pooping could potentially nudge you out of the running, BUT would be killer in your portfolio! So I’m curious to see what you do and to see this puppy in color!

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    @kaitlinmakes thanks for all the great feedback. I am really enjoying working on this one. I know I went off on the prompt but I think if I add a word bubble from the bird pooping talking about the lady, it might just fit the prompt LOL.

    Working on color now. Still have lots to work on. If you see anything that needs fixing please let me know.



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    Chip, this has such an awesome "Scooby Doo with an edge" vibe!! Well done!! I wonder what might happen if you pull that Will Terry trick and put a solid black Color Dodge layer over everything so you can get some glow goin' on... This piece is really fun!!

  • Hey Chip,
    I’m wondering if the ghoul’s ethereal glowing whisps might look better transparent, like a fog or mist. Right now they look solid as if you could grab onto them. Was that your intent?

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    Ok guys, not sure which one to go with. I like both options. What are your votes for text or without text?



  • Hi @Chip-Valecek, I like the one without the text, but either way it's a very nice piece! 👏

  • If it's a stand-alone piece, I like it without the text.

  • @Chip-Valecek definitely the one without the text. Spooky but hilarious composition! 🤓

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    The text feels redundant because I think you did a really good job at communicating what the birds are thinking.

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