New Light & Shadow class

  • I’ve been checking the SVS home page daily through December in anticipation of the new foundation Perspective & Light and Shadow courses. I want to revise both perspective and lighting on my Christmas card and thought I could revise lighting on the existing watercolor before doing a redraw of the perspective. When I saw this graphic around minute 2 of the intro, my heart stopped as I thought “that looks a lot like math” 😱🤯 Imagine my relief when @Lee-White said “instructors tend to over-complicate this stuff” and “we’re NOT going to be tracking shadow lines back to the horizon point...I think I can do it in a lot simpler way...does it look believable?” Yay!
    I’m only on lesson 1 “Local Tone” and I can already see how my final painting tones don’t match my initial idea of the local tones when I change the painting to greyscale (and problems with the initial values drawing). I’m especially looking forward to the shadows lessons. This is going to be such a helpful class 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks!
    Initial value sketch:
    Final painting in greyscale:

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    Glad you are liking it! : )

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