December Work (In Progress)

  • Hi! I have not done a monthly contest for a few months now. So I am going to go get my feet wet (with snow for all those living in the cold areas); at least I won't drown.

    So these are my thoughts. I want my work to dwell/take place in a room+ atmosphere of warmth and love, with two current options for the "talkers" (in another room and outside) which will pull towards the shadow or cool side of the story.

    Story: Girl overhears (inside work) or imagines (outside work) people talking about her. She's in a study/library (of stories) and the portraits on the wall take notice of her sadness and want to help (variety of options for me to play with). I haven't drawn one yet that has a portrait come out and hand her, her cat for comfort (which may look more paper edges- emphasise off the wall).

    I have 6 thumbnails below, with several other ideas written down. I know their pushing closer to small sketches more but I am okay with that right now -it helps me visualise what's in my head -as such can be adjusted. I saw a perspective on pinterest that I thought could work in my story but I will also be mixing it up.

    December thumbnails.jpg

    *Edit with the additional 6 =12
    I had a ton of fun with drawing #8 ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you have any suggestions on perspective and even room layout/balance (looking on pinterest for reference) let me know,

    Thanks guys,

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    They are all great I really like #6

  • I like #1
    The room layout and orientation feels good and I can imagine all the pictures with various different reactions towards her.

  • @lmrush @neschof

    I will see to combining the two, thank you. I agree I like the story of number 6 and also the over pouring of portraits in number 1.

  • #10 really catches my eye, I really like how you design the layout of the room for that one

  • @cortney-mahone

    Thanks I just noticed I forgot to add the #10 tag lols.
    That was actually my last one. I wanted to try another window work but it doesnโ€™t work into the story I want, but thank you. I will consider this maybe for a future work with more development with the window. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This work will not be completed for the December contest. I have had a migraine and now a cold for days I were to finish it (and still now). But I will continue to ask for critique and when it is completed I will share it. Thanks.

  • @Heather-Boyd feel better soon!

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