nudity = adult content?

  • Hi after a while!
    I am having trouble to figure out if this image should be marked wit "adult content" on behance. Seems like all kind of nudity is already adult content ... I didn't get in trouble on instagram however.

    f30 catchk.jpg

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    @Meta that's a hard one. At fist when I looked at the image I didn't even notice the nudity till I looked for it. So you nailed the focal point of the piece. The other thing I think of is if the piece is not sexual in nature then the nudity to me is not so in your face and kids see stuff like this all the time in national geographic magazines and shows. I really like this piece.

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    I'm not sure, but I really like the piece!

  • Thank you for popping by and admiring my piece! 🤗 Nobody seems to know, so I'll risk it now! I can write about if it was blocked or not.

  • @Meta , it’s a great piece; however, I think we need more context to understand the audience.

    For example, if the audience is children’s literature in the US, it is probably considered taboo and could be viewed as controversial.

    However, similar audience in France maybe not so much.

    If it were me, and for kids, I would cover her nipples with a necklace or something to just avoid potential issues all together. The same story message and art form comes through clearly with or without coverup.

    Maybe ask yourself, what would Disney animators do for a film?

    Just my thoughts.

  • @Jeremy-Ross There is not so much context ... This piece is from Inktober, and I simply recycled the two characters from some days before, because it came easy with that day's topic (catch).
    I basically aim for a young audience though. I also think, it would be no problem on the German market (which I want to work for), but Behance sits in the U.S., and I use it because I'll create a website using Adobe Portfolio, which sources the projects from behance.
    I could have covered her breast, yes. But I am generally intersted in indigenous cultures. I will certainly do more projects with indigens, and I certainly can not always avoid nipples all the time, because they are simply there all the time.
    Intersting you point out Disney animation ... They, for sure, would not depict it like I did. I googled "Disney" and "indigenous culture". Seems like, for Frozen II, they didn't only borrow from the Sámi culture, but were in constant contact with them to get everything right. A step in the right direction I think. If they ever wanted to depict an un-americanized indigenous culture from a warmer climatic zone, they would not come around showing nipples. So my guess is, they won't.
    Anyways, due to the lack of time to do research for this Inktober piece, I don't fully stand behind it. I think, next time, I'd even try to contact some association of the culture I want to show (in this case, of Yanomami of brazilian rain forest).

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    I think it's done in a very natural and tasteful way. I personally have no problem with it, many won't, but there is always the possibility that someone could whine and report.

    Here is a video that touches on how ridiculous the nipple bias is:

    Funny but informative.

    Also, yay for the giant waterbug. I love those guys.

  • @CLCanadyArts Thank you for the linked video! I truly loughed out loud!

  • @CLCanadyArts very funny... had to forward to my wife.

  • @Meta, good input! It’s a tough one for sure, which is why I gave a different perspective for you to think about. Based on your proposed use, seems appropriate. Best!

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