Cultivating Creativity

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    Art by Nathalie Kranich

    Our newest episode just dropped: click here to listen/to see the links!

    For both artists and non artists alike there is a lot of talk about the importance of creativity. Becoming a great illustrator requires that you are creative and know how to think outside the box. What can you do to become more creative? How do you look at problems and find creative solutions to them? We’ll go over how to both become and stay creatively sharp.

    Please feel free to share any insights or thoughts that you have about creativity or things that help you to be more creative here in this thread!

    Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for the wonderful community here at SVSLearn.

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    I’m so excited to listen to this one.

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    I have been listening to all the old podcasts again this morning, and also this new one. Unfortunately I've listened to so many that they've all started to run together, but I do remember that I liked this one! The podcasts are giving me that last push I need to finish my Slowvember piece.

    A quick question, though: What is that intro dance music? It's not my usual thing, but it's so upbeat I would like to listen to it while I work. Siri seems to have no idea what it is--She has made a half dozen suggestions, all of them wrong!

  • Cheers Jake, looking forward to it

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    It is so great to have something awesome to listen to while relaxing on the short Thanksgiving break. It is a perfect antidote to the Black Friday madness. Thanks so much for timing this the way you did--it landed just exactly when I needed it!!

    I wanted to echo something--Lee's "Limiters"/Jake's "Constraints" are exactly what my grad school advisor described as "De-Limitations". It was the concept of knowing the boundaries, the rules, the guides. Without a set of parameters, it's impossible to be creative. You can't play a game without rules. You need rules--De-Limitations--in order to be creative within. Otherwise, it's just floundering. Creativity needs to have a set of criteria--whether it's an end goal that says you've accomplished it, or monetary limitations, or the capacities of certain mediums, or a finished set of measurements or whatever. It seems ironic but thinking outside of the box actually needs a box to think outside of. I love that ya'll remind us of that. Recognizing that and making a conscious effort to embrace them can sometimes neutralize the "blank page" block some artists have. It's a useful concept.

    Thanks again for a great episode!!

  • Another episode that I enjoyed as per usual!

    The part about working/exposure with/to others spawning creative ideas made me recall how a few weeks ago I was stuck on plots for a few comic strips I was creating to include in a mini-book I wanted to sell along with merchandise. After about a week of wracking my brain, I had the idea of running a contest on my Facebook page and Instagram account. Winners get something form my online shop.

    And it worked! I got a few new ideas which spawned comics out of my usual story style and one of the winners ended up buying stuff from my store which paid for the shipping of the prizes 🙂

  • @Jake-Parker during this episode you threw out the term, "Pro-Am" which I assumed was "professional amateure" but I wasn't sure what that means in an illustration sense. Could you clarify?

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