Geek out session for Mandalorian

  • Warning: May be Spoilers ahead!
    Okay, going on record here and saying I just love the Mandalorian. It takes Star Wars and combines it with a good western feel. And then...
    BABY YODA!!!!
    baby yoda1.jpg
    OH. MY. GOSH! When he was revealed I just couldn't stand it. Whoever designed this little fella needs an award. He is so cute. I just had to do fan art of him. I don't normally do fan art but sometimes you just have to make an exception. Feel free to join me in my geeking out if you agree.

    Naysayers are just wrong.
    Feel free to post any fan art you are compelled to create here...

  • Is that really baby yoda? I thought yoda was like 300 years old or something outrageous like that

  • @Aleksey Yoda died at 900 years old. Everyone is calling this little guy baby Yoda for lack of a name. In the show, he is 50. In official Star Wars Canon Yoda's species is not known, so nobody knows what to call him, so Baby Yoda it is.

  • @chrisaakins That makes sense, I called it Yoda baby for that reason

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