Feedback on composition (thumbnails) for a portfolio piece?

  • Hi everyone! I appreciate all of you lovely forum friends. I was hoping to get some feedback/suggestions/critiques on a few thumbnails. I'm wanting to turn this into a portfolio piece. It's a Red Riding Hood illustration that takes place during winter (snow falling).


  • (I personally am leaning toward #4, as it shows Red clearly, but is really focused on the ominous nature of the wolf stalking her.)

  • I think any of these could make a really strong piece. 2 feels the weakest to me- with her facing toward the edge, I think it would be better balanced with her being lower in the frame, or with her being even bigger in the frame. I like the interest that the paws bring to 3, but I think it would be stronger if they were drawn to match the perspective. I would go with your instincts and develop 4! Great job thumb-nailing. 👍

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    @nkdrawings I like 1 and 5 the most. The reason I take 5 over 4 would be that you can see both of their faces. In 4 you wouldn't really see their faces. If they were side by side as a page spread, that would be really cool to see.

  • @TessaW Thanks! I may play around with adding paw prints to one of the other compositions.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks for the feedback! The only thing that gives me pause with #1 is that it seems like the "obvious" perspective, or something. Not as visually interesting. I like your reasoning for 5, as it can still focus on the danger of the wolf. I hadn't thought of doing two of them as a spread...that's definitely something to consider! It would also show I can do sequential art, which might not be a bad idea if this is a portfolio piece.

    EDIT: The more I think about it, I like your reasoning for could give me a chance to play with emotion and facial expression on Red (for example, is she uneasy, like she knows something's not right? Is she blissfully unaware that she's being followed?), which would add an element of storytelling.

  • @nkdrawings What if you did 4 but had her head turning around slightly into the picture as if she is looking over her shoulder, just about to see the wolf?

  • AM@nkdrawings NI think 5 too. What if you drew the Wolf bigger behind her, like he is ready to pounce on her?

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