Self Discoveries Doing Lee White's Questionnaire

  • Hi Ya'll.

    So I wanted to share with people what I found out about myself after doing Lee White's Questionnaire. While I won't be sharing the answers I put down for each question, I wanted to share what the discoveries of answering those questions were for me.

    It helped me answer why I participate in illustration contests, challenges, etc and what to focus on if and when I choose to do those. And what am I actually frustrated about when the art I make doesn't look like how I had originally intended it to.

    It helped me realize as well that I frequently look for shortcuts, which is a little bit out of laziness sometimes but a majority of it is from not having put in the appropriate amount of time with the fundamentals that would have made doing the difficult thing easier (not easy, easier) and would have taken out a lot of the guess work (which I guess is also laziness).

    I think this Slowvember I'm going to do research and development on my problem areas and then devise a plan to conquer those problem areas before I participate in any more contests.

    Having said that, even if you're not participating in Slowvember or in this months contest, I highly recommend doing the questionnaire. At the very least it may help you discover something that you didn't realize can help you improve.

    (Thank you @Lee-White )

  • @Aleksey where’s this questionnaire?

  • @Heather-Boyd oh sorry good question haha

    If you go to the slowvember thread and go to the second post Lee White linked a dropbox pdf

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    Good stuff @Aleksey! I'm very happy that people are learning so much for the questionnaire. It's funny because they are such simple questions, yet the whole time I was in a 4 year art college no one asked me those questions.

    It's sort of why I became a teacher and it's why I like a project like Slowvember. I have stopped caring about the outcome and just want to see what drives my students (and me) to make the art they want to make. And hopefully get more enjoyment out of it along the way. : )

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    @Heather-Boyd It's on my youtube video (in the written discription):

  • @Lee-White yeah! Enjoyment is what I discovered I want to experience. And the last time I actually felt that enjoyment was when I watched Jake Parkers how to draw everything class on svs and drew a silly frog character I was happy with. I felt a bit of it again doing this questionnaire. Being tired of working retail for 7 years is a big reason I to want to be a professional illustrator but I do want to enjoy the process as well.

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