Critique on Cat Illustration WIP?

  • Hello everyone! Heres what i have been working on, right now im just blocking in the colors. Wondering if i should change the grey cat's arm positions, does it look as unnatural as i think it does? They are also supposed to be slightly caricatured, but i have had issues with making my slightly cartoony work read as intentionally non-realistic, if that makes sense. Any other critique is welcome as well, thank you!!!! everyone on this site always gives awesome tips 🙂


  • I think it's great! I love his expression and the colors are working well. Two things I notice (which may be totally off base) The little cat doesn't look like he's looking at the big cat (but maybe he's not supposed to be) and the big cats ears seem a little off, maybe they are too small? Or the perspective is off on them? I'm not totally sure, and again someone else may differ in that opinion. Love it.

  • SVS OG

    I don't have cats but the front legs of the gray cat look ok to me. I have two dogs and they lie like this sometimes when they are playing. Beautiful work, as always.

  • @Amelia-Bothe I think you wonderfully captured that languid fluidity of cats. They seem more liquid than solid sometimes. Good job.

  • @Amelia-Bothe they are reeeeally well drawn, I really like the way you've captured the expressions too. Two excellent cat characters.

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