My Dream Portfolio ....please help!

  • These are the boards I have created for MY DREAM PORTFOLIO assignment. It was hard whittling it down to just 20 but this is the art that I am drawn to. I definately like quirky and 'strange' imagery. Lots of line work/pencil drawing. Mostly people and animals ( only one floral ). Colours are muted - not bright. The styles are 'tightish' but not too realistic. Humorous with surreal elements.

    My work board is a bit sparse....because, basically, I hate most of what I make - this is the stuff I think might be going somewhere....but I am SO LOST at the moment, I don't know where that is! Any help would be much appreciated...thanks.

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    @Paula-Morgan Something I definitely see in your dream board that you could incorporate more into your own art is a definite "vintage look". You hinted at it with the muted colors but it's not just that. The choice of media and textures seem deliberately aged. There's also a lot of that beige paper or sepia effect that you seem to love which I do not see in your own portfolio pictures. In your own pictures I see this bright blue color used a few times, a modern looking sort of blue that put your pieces further from that vintage look. If getting closer to the vintage look is something you want to achieve, that teal/turquoise from your dream board is more in line with that.

    Your dream board reminded me a little bit of Cori Dantini, not necessarily for the style but for that vintage feel. Cori does a lot of mix media, collage + drawing + painting to create her unique style. Check her out, I think you might enjoy her work

  • Great stuff! I love the style.

    It actually looks like you have 3 floral/foliage pieces and not just one like you say? Other than what you've mentioned it looks like you are drawn to text as well as referencing the past with hairstyles, clothing, and aged paper.

    It looks like you are on a good track with style. I'd keep exploring- perhaps make a goal to make a mini project, with several illustrations following the same theme. Perhaps challenge yourself to make a few simple scenes, like a house, or an interior.

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    Just a quick note, i noticed that you like drawing widely set eyes.

  • @Paula-Morgan I’m just wondering, have you tried any direct copies of art you love. I’ve noticed when I try this it can really help me.

  • @Paula-Morgan Looking at your work you don’t look lost to me. You definitely have a unique style which is HUGE. The one thing I notice is that there is less story telling in your work than your dream portfolio. I think adding some minimal background or accessories to suggest more of a narrative to your pieces would help it feel less sparse. Keep it up!

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