Next Pirate Piece- In the Cave COMPLETED!

  • Okayyy here's a complimentary image to my last pirate illustration. Continuing the story...Starting out even rougher than I did before


  • @Perrij ahhh this look so niceIt is lovely

  • @MichaelaH Oh thank you 🙂 glad to have you on this next adventure

  • It looks good, and I liked the last piece a lot so I can't wait to see what you do with this one.

  • in_the_cave_wip.png

    Ugh what a busy week. I'm in a weird place where I'm using the same tools and same process, but can't seem to get the texture i was getting from the first illustration. Eh I'll figure it out. Here are some flats. Looking at it, I think I need to darken the cave towards the entrance

  • Getting a little better.........wip.png

  • Here we go, now I'm starting to feel good about this in_the_cave_wip.png

  • @Perrij Looking so beautiful, thank You for posting the process here.

  • Love it! Thank you for sharing your process 🙂

  • @MichaelaH and @KajsaH Thank /you/ for stopping in to check out the work. Since you guys are watching my process, I'll try to explain a little more about the decisions I'm making
    Benny's (the boy) arm was proportionately wrong, I shortened his limbs a little more because these characters aren't exactly..normal human proportions, and his arms ARE short, but his legs were crazy long compared to his arms so...I'm still working on him honestly.

    Simplified the wave because I didn't like how distracting all the white foam was. And because we're seeing it at a distance, better to make it simple and clear as possible.

    Still working on Mr. Pirate in the background. Taking colors from the cave walls and putting them into the characters so that the characters blend in.

    Darkened the value where the sand meets the cave walls because I felt the contrast of the light sand/dark rocks created too much contrast and drew your eye to an unimportant spot in the image. Hoping to get a lot more work done on this tonight.

  • in_the_cave_wip.png

    will I ever be done?? -wimper-
    I forgot to mention earlier that I decided the boy should just be focused on the girl character, rather than the pirate in the background. I didn't want to overcomplicate the story in the image. It's enough to know that the two are talking and the pirate in the background is looking at them in a scary way, we don't need to also know that the boy NOTICES the scary pirate. I think thats too much information to infer for an illustration without text.

    I shortened the boys legs and lengthened his arm, so he's ALMOST proportionate. I want to make his head a little bigger to fit in with the rest of the characters here, but i have to wait until I can combine all the layers at the end (-grief-)

    I'm working on the two pirates now..Fiddling with their poses and design. I like the pirate facing us but I'm unsatisfied with the design of the pirate turned away.. Also unsure about their clothing..hmm...Maybe I should give one of them some traditional pirate striped socks?? We'll see.

  • HEY everyone! Remember a couple hours ago when I was whining about this never being done? ITS DONE!!in_the_cave_wip.png

  • @Perrij looks great! Love the warm feeling of the squad inside the cave and then the cold feeling when you look at the lonely pirate 😃 Makes you want to be just inside the cave with others :)))

  • wauw! This. Is. Just. Stunning!

  • @Jonas-Zavacky Thank you! That's great to hear hahah
    @Sofie-Schollaert Oh my ☺ i'm flattered, thank you..

  • Beautiful job!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Great job, I enjoy watching your process on the pirate pieces.

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