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  • SVS OG

    Is there a tread for this yet? I’ve got too many ideas bouncing around in my brain to figure it out.

    Do I open it up for a few commissions? Do I stick with the prompts or do collections by the week. Last year I stuck to the prompts and divided them after the fact. Do I try a calendar scattered in the card designs. Do I offer the full 31 day collection? I’m going out of town. Should I double up, or start a week early? So many questions!

    More importantly, what are you guys doing? That’s a really awesome thing about inktober is the community! I can’t wait to see a daily dose of you guys. And what is @Jake-Parker going to do??? Any teasers?

  • @Whitney-Simms I don't have answer to any of your questions :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

    But I think I know what I'm gonna do this year 🙂 At the end I want a single large piece that I can print off. So I'm gonna have a group of kids building a makeshift spaceship out of handy junk and base the kids and components of the ship off the prompts.

    By the end I'll have a a large semi cutaway spaceship swarming with delightful engineering mishaps (and lots of duct tape)

    It's gonna take a lot of planning so I'm gonna do a bit of a sketch every day in september so by october 1st I've got a finished sketch and I can just ink.

    I suppose by the end it'll qualify for 'slowvember, too', lol

  • @Braden-Hallett That's an awesome idea. I love the idea of doing a single piece. @Whitney-Simms I plan to participate for the first time, so I'm going to prep my ideas and thumbnails in September, keep it simple, and I was thinking a theme of kids causing trouble dressed up for Halloween. I can't wait to see what you all do.

  • SVS OG

    @Braden-Hallett yeah, that is going to be a three month process! Can’t wait to see it though. Your characters crack me up! And who wouldn’t want to build a spaceship with their friends.

    @Zachary-Drenski that sounds pretty cool too. I forgot last year I wanted to draw a bunch of kids in their Halloween costumes. The direction my work took over the past year it wouldn’t work. But I still love the idea. Can’t wait to see all the mess your characters will get into.

    I think I’m going to do a calendar! And then cards that go with each month. And maybe a journal. It will be a whole stationary set you can buy that would make the perfect Christmas gift! Right! Maybe. The main idea is to do artwork for each month you could change out of a frame. The calendar would just be a bonus. So two for each month. One for the large sheet and the second would have the dates. Whatcha think. And maybe have it all printed at district white label? I think that’s the company.

  • @Braden-Hallett This sounds like a wonderful plan. Love how you are transfering inktober to Slowvember.

  • @Braden-Hallett amazing idea.

    Im going to work on my visual development and come up with ideas that might look good In a card game of some kind. They are all going to be fantasy themed. Eventually going to put them all on my website and start to curate my website to represent more of the work I actually want to be hired for. Every day is going to be a different one.

    Im writing out the prompts and brainstorming ideas. In September im going to start sketching them and get ahead of a few by inking them and in October of course going to start posting them.

  • When does the Inktober list come out, I forgot when it was last year? I think I will continue the style of my August contest submission. Other than that not sure... lols I just want to make a consistent, cohesive collection of small few element illustrations.


  • WOW you guys have some wicked good ideas! This will be my first so it's all about survival LoL. I haven't really done much inking so it will be a new learning experience!

  • I think this year I am going to do what I did last year and go with the prompts each day but I am going to try and make each piece something that could be sold as a print. I had some requests last year but unfortunately, I did them in a Moleskine and that doesn't exactly lend itself to scanning and printing.
    @Braden-Hallett I thought about doing one big piece too like @Jake-Parker did last year, but I think I want to continue to focus on storytelling and composition like I started to do last year.
    @Heather-Boyd someone else said somewhere that they come out September 1st.

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    I’m going with a simple story idea. I’m going to mock up a dummy in September for the smart dummy challenge by Dani Duck. Then ink it all, covers and end papers too, in October. 🙀 that is my goal anyway. Lol.

  • @Whitney-Simms the calendar sounds super cool. 🙂 If you do it I am really excited to see it!

  • @burvantill that sounds similar to my idea 🙂 going with a single character story (with animal pals along the way) I'm hoping it improves my character consistency!

    I haven't heard of that dummy challenge, I'll have to check it out 😁

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    @monkeymintaka I did it last year. If you have a story already written then it’s set up to get a full dummy plus a couple full color pages done in one month. I don’t have a story written this time but im working on it. Lol.

  • SVS OG

    @Aleksey that sounds awesome! Love the card game art idea.

    @Heather-Boyd I think it comes out on the 1st of September. If you sign up for the inktober email list or Jake's email list he has already sent it out early. Hey, and making consistent art everyday is an awesome goal.

    @Coley surviving is hard work! It is totally hard to keep with it. Don't stress, you got this! I think I am settling in on what the calendar can be. Probably just a print vs a scene. Wouldn't that be cool to have a collection of a monthly card to give someone. So that would come from the calendar month art. Who knows.

    @chrisaakins good luck! I like that this is a cool marketing tool for selling prints. It's another way for people to take interest in our art.

    @burvantill Good luck with that! Can't wait to see it evolve!

  • @Heather-Boyd said in Inktober projects:


    Heather the list is out for peeps on the e-mail list! Otherwise I think it's released to the rest of the world in a few days. E-mail listers got it a week early and I think that was maybe four days ago I'm guessing

  • @Coley

    Okay I tend not to check my emails all that often and I have two accounts right now. I will look into it tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone who answered my question.

  • The list is out already??? I thought it came out in October. No wonder some people seemed so well prepared last year!

    I've been doing daily brush pen warm-ups before painting for a few months now, so hopefully this year will go smoothly. 🤞 My plan for this year is to dedicate a lot of time to it and do a full 31 day series with repeated characters on toned paper (which I need to practice with a bit in September).

    If anyone wants a bit of September pre-practice, we're dedicating the daily challenges that you see some of us post in the "Virtual Studio" thread to Inktober prep. PM myself or @Braden-Hallett for an invite to the Discord server we use.

  • @Braden-Hallett Sounds like a wonderful (and ambitious) plan. I liked it when Jake did a continuous image in one of the past years. And you're so organized in doing the warming up with Inking 2.0, planning-and preliminary sketching.

    I haven't identified what I want to work on for the big event quite yet.

  • @Aleksey Great idea. Do you have a "game" in mind for the cards? A style of imagery to use? I've been in a different group for most of the summer, and quite a few folks were working on card-themed things.

  • @Susan-Marks yeah i think mine are going to be a mix of items and objects and stuff interacting with silly characters.

    What other group? If you dont mind me asking

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