When Did You Know You Would Make It?

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    Art by Kerisa Greene
    Hello Friends!
    Our newest podcast episode has launched.

    Getting started in a career in art can be a bit nerve racking, there are no guarantees. In this episode we share about the beginning of our creative journeys and some of our insecurities and self doubts, we will also share about what gave us hope to push on and when we knew that we would be able to make a career out of art.

    Click here to listen to it and to see the episode artwork.

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    @Jake-Parker this is so cool! Thanks, guys! I’ll going to check this out.

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    This was a great episode! It was so heartening to hear your ups and downs, and that you learned so much from both your successes and failures. Seriously, this was exactly what I personally needed right now. Up and downs happen, and you have to have both.

    It's interesting how we as artists can be both incredibly optimistic and then profoundly depressed so quickly and easily. We judge ourselves very critically sometimes and yet we can be completely blind to what others can see so clearly... It sounds like stepping off that roller coaster takes a lot of self-confidence and time. It also sounds like you all worked from a wide net of experiences to something much more specific and focused as you gained experience. That's beyond good to hear. I think we have a tendency to think we're failures if we aren't instantly doing exactly what we've set out to do. It was very inspiring to hear that you all didn't start out magically succeeding at everything you touched. I think sometimes those experiences get lost in the litany of success stories. Thanks so much for sharing a couple of yours.

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    Great episode! Always so much to learn from you guys. There’s something to be said for confidence and self belief. All 3 of you seemed to have it in spades from the start!

  • This podcast really makes me think about how to know if I am on the right way or not. It was interesting to know that moments of ups and downs also exist in art, especially in the beginning.Thank you for sharing your experiences.I believe that when we are in the beginning, we want one day to be included in a community of wonderful works. Well, I would like to develop my skills to be part of this community as well as being a great professional, but if I can't, I will still love to paint. 🙂

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