Deity illustration feedback

  • @thousandwrecks yeah good thinking. Try some rough poses dont get too detailed see which one communicates the MAIN thing you want to communicate the best.

  • I know it must be frustrating to hear this but I love the initial sketch with the swans and the wings behind them so much more. The wings being behind the heads of the characters draws your eye into them and the swans with the intertwined necks nicely fills that lower space without being too distracting. Especially if they were black swans as your suggested but the wings behind the heads were white you could create a gradient of sorts throughout the whole image which could be really nice.

  • I totally agree with @juliekitzes - the swans and wings were lovely and set up a beautiful design - I also agree with her statement that white wings would work perfectly in the back - the two characters have such dark skin that they really need a lighter background to stand out from. Potentially you might also want to lower the value of their clothes slightly - that will help the flesh of the characters pop out better and potentially help give a good backdrop for the black swans.
    I think their embrace is sweet - but maybe this is a personal reading on my end. It reads as an enduring, deep bond - and if you were to add in the swans, their entanglement would highlight the depth of their love without having your characters all up in each others business. 😉
    I am in love with this painting and can not wait to see it come together! Seriously. I imagine you can’t wait as well!

  • @juliekitzes & @kaitlinmakes -- thank you both so much! it's...well, that's not as frustrating to hear as you might think, haha. I know I've long-since lost my perspective with this and it would be ironic but not super surprising if my initial instinct was right all along.

    I tried some things! I brought back my original layers and redrew the swans because I was seeing my original problem, which was the exaggerated separation between points of depth. It really felt like the swans were existing on a completely different plane, or were even cardboard I tried something I had originally thought about but somehow couldn't get right in my initial sketch. Also added some more fraught face-touching in lieu of shifting Uthkima's posture. I think it helps, weirdly.

    alt text

    I'm on the fence about the wings in the back, but I can see that they're definitely doing something right in activating the space and helping to make my figures more distinct via contrast. Puzzling over what to do with them now that would keep the fill, since just lines would make everything dissolve into a mess again--otherwise my magpie brain would be going hard on making it look like a neon afterimage, sort of like the American Gods opening, which has such a stunning look:

    American Gods opening

    ANYWAY. Thoughts on the swans?? I think they're definitely an improvement. And absolutely yes, I gave the swans jewelry. I love how they pull in the teal/pink/gold colors at the bottom, so that was a really good call. Thank you, everyone who cheered for the birds!! I am so glad they're back. ♥

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    @thousandwrecks Swan is nice, but it's also its own point of focus and changing the entire composition. Personally I would have gone with something much more subtle like maybe adding some gold detailing/pattern to her dress. The illustration is already really nice, has a very strong composition, and it would be too bad messing with that. To me the problem of "the bottom part being boring" is actual a minor problem, because not every part of the illustration has to be packed with wow value. The focus isn't at the bottom, so it's quite okay if that part is a little more boring. Some detailing to her dress would be more than enough, in my opinion 🙂 It's a great illustration!

  • @thousandwrecks I love it so much. I even thought "this reminds me of American Gods" before I even scrolled down and saw that.

  • Hello all!! Thank you all for your comments and feedback--it's been really helpful in getting this moved along and me working through it. Definitely could not have done it without the concrit I got from you! After a lot of mulling over, I'm currently here with it:

    alt text

    I feel pretty good about it, I think?? I finally gave up on the wings, lmao. I'm reaching a point where I actually feel like it's almost there....any thoughts? Thank you again!

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    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but the chracter’s hands are too big. Realistically they would have to be the same length as the character’s faces. I hope this helps.

  • @thousandwrecks a very beautiful illustration! The swans are a gorgeous addition too! I really like this style, it's all very well people critiquing your work, but at some point you just have to go with your individual style and overall feeling for your artwork. 😇 I like the placement of the hands, when a woman lets a man put his hand on her stomach then you know its love! ☺ 😍

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz oh, nice catch, thank you!

    @lou Thank you so much! I'm really happy with where this ended up! 🙂