Looking for some honest feedback on my website and artwork.

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    Hey so recently I have had a few rejections from agents etc and I am told I am a talented illustrator but no representation or anything so I know I am missing something and guess the (you are a talented artist) is a stock part of the rejection haha.

    So any help with what you see on my website then please fire away. I don't mind tough love lol.

    I have not got the paid site yet but plan too: https://jasonwbowen.wixsite.com/mysite

    Thanks for any help

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    @Jason-Bowen right off the bat I can see that you do have skill and your numeruos posts here in the forum really shows that you are trying to improve. Here are my thoughts on your portfolio:

    1. You have a lot of illustrations but most of them consists of only one character standing or doing some pose. There isn’t much story telling in them. Make more pieces with atleast 2 or more characters interacting. Tell more story.

    2. I don’t see a lot of narrative pieces (this goes for me as well). I see you have a lot of work but I don’t see much related illustrations story-wise. If I were an art director or agent and you’re asking a book illustrator job from me, I would like to see that you can make multiple images with consistent characters. I want to be assured that you won’t draw a new character each page. I also want to be assurd that you can interpret a story and illustrate it clearly. My suggestion is to illustrate a fairytale, something most people already familiar with. You can just choose to paint atleast 3 images. Within those 3 images, if your viewers can clearly understand the story, then you’ve done a great job.

    3. Your images are too dark. You have to lighten your color pallete. It’s alright to use desaturated colors but you have to make your work lighter. It’s somewhat a challenge to discern what your characters are doing.

    This is my 2 cents and I hope they’re helpful. I hope they’re not offensive in anyway.

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    @Jason-Bowen don’t stop making art, don’t stop improving, and don’t stop submitting to agents/art directors. I suggests all along the way. After all there’s no limit on how much submissions you can send. The best thing that could happen is that they see your potential and hire you while you’re in the process of improving or they decline your submission and you try again next time. I’m also in the same process at the moment and this is also what I tell to myself. Let’s continue improving ourselves. We’re here for you. Best wishes!

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    @nyrrylcadiz no not offended, I have started doing more people in scenes as my new challenge to myself. I will look at the lightness and compare to some pros that's a good tip thanks 😁

    And a series is a good idea too I will do that with a few characters in to kill two birds with one stone 👍

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    @nyrrylcadiz I can't stop making art anyway it's too much fun, good luck with yours too 😁

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    @Jason-Bowen you too

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    The images in the upper part of your portfolio, in my opinion are of great lighting and values tho. Do more of those

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    Great looking website design, user friend super sleek, clean professional easy to navigate. Love the Instagram link. Also it looks like the same artist did all the images and that is really hard to do, your work is consistent! Kudos. The only thing I would say is your first image threw me, I got stuck there wondering what was going on, was it a sail, was something coming out of his mouth? (sorry just being honest it distracted me from looking at your amazing work)-maybe put a different image there and move that one down- Also you maybe you could do a cover image to show them you can design them- Also are you on twitter if not you should join to get more visibility, and be sure to link it to your site- Best wishes!!!!

  • I moved away from wix after dealing with their terrible website script. I Do not recommend you use wix. They have awful mobile support. Check your website on your iphone or ipad tap on a picture (if you have one), zoom in and watch what happens. I had the same issue with their galleries. I kept contacting them because they kept saying it was fixed but it wasnt. 4 months in I said ive had enough after an art director said he cant even look at the work on his ipad because of the issues on the site. I asked for a refund, they denied it so I had to contact support again and they finally refunded me for the hosting, but not the domain. Which is fine I'm in the process of transferring to squarespace. I took snap shots for you so you can see that already happening on yours as well.
    As far as site design goes. I have 3 categories, I may add a 4th.
    they are:

    The 4th one will probably be "Personal Projects" under that I will have About and Contact. An art director gave me this advice. When you go to the site it takes you to the first gallery. Of course you dont have to use this method, but please dont use wix.
    IMG_9725.PNG IMG_9726.PNG

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    @Aleksey Crud. I see it on my site too.. I noticed if you click an image, then click it once more, it zooms properly, and the image names dissapear. Who is going to know they need to click twice though? Horrible.. I guess it's time to build a new site..

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    @CLCanadyArts Just sent a help ticket requesting that this issue be addressed soon.Never know, it's worth a shot.

  • @CLCanadyArts yeah they kept saying it was fixed and moving it up the ladder when i showed them its not. it’s def a development problem but i didnt wanna put in all the extra work to remake the website from scratch after i had just made it and then have it not work again so I redesigned one on squarespace and the domain should finish transferring this weekend.

  • I really like it! The first thing that stood out to me was the consistent style which looks so good. Some images are a bit darker than others but if you compose them a certain way, maybe the contrast will be more pleasing upon first entering the site but don't forget also, that as you create more art you'll start to look at the pieces you have on display on the website and determine which piece is the best representation of your art and style and you'll do some swapping as you grow professionally and artistically.

    The only opportunities I see are:

    -Are you able to name the images? When I click on them I noticed it says "title.jpg" to the right of the image. Im not familiar with wix but Im wondering if you can change that text to just show the title.

    -Perhaps a quick revision to the artist's bio under the "about" page. I noticed only one misspelled word but maybe a few word changes could be helpful but this is purely suggestion. This could just be the english student in me coming out lol.

    -This is also purely suggestion but I wonder how it might look if you changed "Home" to "Portfolio" and then swapped it with "About" and changed "About" to "Home" or "Welcome" and put one photo of your art on that page and then had your bio and then under your bio you put your headshot. This way when you go to your site you're greeted with one photo of your artwork followed by your bio (statement, style, inspiration, medium, history, or anything. the possibilities are endless) and then followed by a small headshot. Then the second page is 'Portfolio" with all of your artwork and then finally "Contact". The one photo of your art will leave them wanting to see more!

    The instagram link is awesome! I just followed. Hope this helps! Looking very good

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    Simple and straight forward site. 🙂 Nice

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    @Aleksey Nice, I love your about page. 😃

  • Hey!
    Page looks good to me, follows the standard a lot of succesful illustrators seem to follow, quite sleak and easy to navigate.
    I'd totally look into the wix issues mentioned above (I'll have to pay attention to that too) cause that's a good warning to have.
    Little thing I'd want to weed out, on your about page you have a typo. It should be 'completing their tasks.' proofreading alone over and over can make one blind to tiny errors, I find that all the time and I still end up with lots of unintended little mistakes. Phew!

    As for the art:

    • you're super consistent which is cool
    • as mentioned above, more sequential, narrative, conceptually thoughtful art would stand out.
    • as has also been mentioned, I am finding some pieces hard to read. I think their values must be quite similar across the board, so on a small scale, they come across as a little muddy or indistinct. here and there brightening or darkening a background so the main focus stands out more would go a long way.
    • take this one with a grain of salt as I am just learning about these things myself: In some images it looks to me like all your brushwork is very similar, so the textures seem the same across the board and it almost feels like everything is as important as each other and made of a similar material. I'm wondering if it might help clarify some of your work if you varied up the kind of brushes you use for your high-detail-high-focus areas, and the ones you use for things in the background. The take away in general I guess is: Texture.

    hope that's somewhat helpful 😃 Best of luck with your search, keep at it and opportunities will present themselves for sure.

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    Thanks for taking a look @nyrrylcadiz @lmrush @Aleksey @CLCanadyArts @12before34 @Nathalie-Kranich i appreciate your time and tips 👍

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