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  • Hey everyone!

    I've been doing my first art challenge recently and thought I would share! I've been eyeing this challenge for awhile now and had lots of ideas. My focus has been shape design, story through the characters, mood and composition. I also wanted to keep things simple as I tend to get carried away :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

    Anyways, here is the first week! I'll be updating this post every week until the end of the challenge.

    Thanks guys!








  • Hi, @Gabriel-Lung! Congrats on doing your first art challenge. I'm very new to those as well.

    All of these pieces are so cohesive as a series, with lots of fun ideas! My favourite is the third from the top: the blue, horned creature with his braided white beard. Great work. ☺

  • @animatosoor thank you! Ah yes that is King Minos, I forgot to mention the names of these guy:

    1st: Godzilla tribute
    2nd: Spot
    3rd: King Minos
    4th: Big Betty
    5th: Odin
    6th: Whino
    7th: Akumu

  • SVS OG

    Wow very creative and great job drawing them to look 3-dimensional

  • @Gabriel-Lung I love these, the Godzilla one is really dynamic. It’s a really good use of a minimal colour palette, they remind me of old screen printed posters :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

  • SVS OG

    These look so cool!!! I love the sheepish one with the plane and train in his hands. Well done! Looks like you're acing your first art challenge 😃

  • These are awesome I love em! especially Spot and Akumu 🙂 great work!

  • Moderator

    These are so cool!!! They're so clean and crisp and simple, yet quite refined! Thanks so much for sharing them!! I'd personally love to see more of your process some time.--thumbnail to finish! Nicely done!!

  • @AndyIllo @ShannonBiondi @sarahlawrence @holleywilliamson Thank a bunch everyone! I had so many worries and doubts doing an art challenge. Every time one ended I always regretted not doing it so I figured enough is enough :). I'm already looking forward to inktober!

    I also hope to make these into postcards, but i'm still thinking of the possibilities.

    @Coreyartus I'll be happy to share my process in the end! I've got lots of thumbnails to show.

  • King Minos have hair rings? and people adore him? so, maybe is more intelectual fighter than Godzilla ....I like this one, and the first one look great!!
    Any abilities that King Minos have over Godzilla? the others are quite clear...
    great job...

  • These look like some really creative designs. I like Big Betty. Reminds me of Starship Troopers XD

  • I think you will enjoy the June contest very much! 🙂

  • Hey everyone! I'm back this week with some more Kaijus!! I'm happy to say that the challenge is going great still. I added an extra penciling stage before inking for some extra fine tuning and I think it worked out well. My goal is so keep improving my inking skills and strive for clarity. Seeing the growth has been fun and it really makes me re-think how much we can do and improve in a month! highly recommend!

    @Jano Thanks! hmm haven't thought too far but your questions are making me think about it! The idea was having the Minoan civilization witness this kaiju and claiming him as their king. I pictured him as this giant wandering through the seas, almost like a spirit.

    @NelsonYiap Thanks man! haha that film runs deep in me so it probably came from there subconsciously!

    @Heather-Boyd Yes its quite fun! I'm looking forward to other ones, especially inktober!

    Anyways, here are the this weeks Kaijus.

    Apollo, a Kaiju that lives on the sun.

    Adam, a prehistoric Kaiju evolved from an ape.

    Comet Z, I giant planet eating Kaiju once thought to be a comet shooting through the skies.

    Kaiju Soulmates, forever chasing each other through the asteroid belt.

    Spike, deep sea Kaiju.

    Ryujin, Japanese sea dragon, deity and ruler of the oceans.

    King Ghidorah

    Maahes, Protector of Africa.

    Thanks guys!

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    @Gabriel-Lung These look great, I really like the styling. I especially like the colour is Kaiju soulmates.

  • @Erin-Cortese Thanks! I was going for a dreamy/romantic feeling.

  • That angler fish piece is SICK! Cool stuff. 🔥

  • Hey everyone I'm back!

    My apologies for not posting last weeks Kaijus but I'm happy to say that I have just finished my first art challenge! It was quite the experience and definitively tough! I found myself really having lots of energy the first two weeks and then the final two weeks was when my quality started taking a dip and motivation got hard. I did get energized the last couple of days and ended on a high note though!

    Overall i'm very happy that I did this challenge. It was great to see your art grow a little bit everyday and finding a new creative approach to everyday. I think my I got much more comfortable with my inking and I also fine tuned my creative process, especially the thumb-nailing and designing stage.

    I'm really excited for inktober!

    Anyways here are the rest of the Kaijus!

    Kaiju Horde

    Azreal, Guardian of the Skies

    Baast, A solitary Kaiju

    Old One Eye, Ancient Asian Kaiju

    Grumps, Grumpy Kaiju

    Eira, Extinct Wyvern-like Kaijus

    Rodan, I like this one the best I think

    Shepherd, Nicest Kaiju

    Four Horsmen


    Kaiju X, A kaiju created by power hungry humans

    Kaiju X revealed


    MechaGodzilla, Close up

    MechaGodzilla V.S Kaiju X

    Thats it guys, thank you!

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    1 , 4, 7, and 11 are my favorites. These are amazing! Fantastic work.

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