What’s not working here?

  • @animatosoor said in What’s not working here?:

    Hi, i love your characters, fun and they look excited. Love the vibe of going on vacation for summer. I agree with the coments above about social media. It's tricky and often makes you doubt more than reinforce you.

    Some small things I would take into consideration (in the end, what you do with it is up to you of course!)

    I would limit the red in the shorts of the hare. I suppose that he is your focal point. I would in the same go, make the umbrella a bit less saturated and put more light on the top of it. Same goes for the umbrella of the turtle.

    I love the light in the shell (is that how you call it) of the turtle. if you could put some more light area's on his face, that would make it nice.

    All and all i think you have a great start for an image. just some small tweeks in the lightning and it will be perfect I think. Let us know what the finished piece looks like!!

    Good luck!

  • Wow! Thanks for such fantastic feedback everyone. I am learning so much. And please keep it coming if you happen to see or think of anything else. I'll see what I can do in Procreate.

    All of your observations are like water in the desert to me😊.

    I love the idea to have them arriving at the beach. I think I can get back in there digitally without breaking the image. Thanks!

    Your right,was done in watercolor with a little adjustment digitally. Thank you for taking the time to turn this black and white, I always forget to do that. It is shocking to see how that yellow is the same value as the red and almost the same as the blue. Saturation fools me almost every time. I think one of the keys to this piece is going to be managing those umbrellas. Thanks!

    Instagram is tricky. I keep meaning to write up a set of good hashtags to just copy and paste. I always run out of ideas around hashtag five or six. Time to write up that list.

    I agree with you on those colors. I definitely need to rework them and purple might be a nice complement to all that green.

    I agree with you on those colors. Now I can see them more clearly. I just wasn’t catching them before.

    You’re right about the pencil. I like to go back in with a pencil to tighten up the details when I finish painting. There is also some adjustment and definition in Procreate on the iPad too.

    I agree, putting some light on the umbrella to desaturate those colors is a great idea. Those shorts, maybe purple...hmm. Time to start adjusting things in Procreate.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • @sketchbook I agree with the others on most of the points... I have a couple to add.

    1. I am missing the focal point. What is supposed to be coming out first? You might want to think about zooming out or zooming in so that your focal point is getting into one of the 1/3 x 1/3 hot zones.

    2. One thing you might want to watch is where the characters are looking. The viewer will follow the characters' eye lines. Right now that is leading right off the page. If you put a second focal point there (i.e. the ocean) that would be fine but as-is it is leading to nowhere. One thing you could try is to have the rabbit looking down at the turtle and the turtle looking up and back at the rabbit. This would give more interaction between the characters.

    Just some thoughts. I do love the rendering techniques and the tortoise and the hare at the beach idea. Good luck.

  • @sketchbook

    The rabbit is sitting with all the primary colours -so he stands out a bit uncomfortably for me -in your face maybe even trying too hard.

    I think both characters are great. There looking at something we can't see and have no clues -because they could be coming back from the beach and seeing something that has caught their fancy maybe an ice cream man.

    Also suggest maybe adding some shadow to the rabbits head -if its sitting even partially under that umbrella.

    Last, the two legs on the tortuous/turtle don't match -the front one has scales and the last one is wrinkly - this I find is distracting.

    Everything else is good and besides everything I mention I am surprised you didn't get any love- because your characters are cute together.

  • @Heather-Boyd
    These are great observations. I’m reworking the image on Procreate now. Thanks for lending me your eyes 👀 😊

  • @theprairiefox
    You’re absolutely right about those eyes and needing a focal point. Your observations will really help as I tear back into this one digitally.

  • SVS OG

    I haven't read what other people said I'm not disregarding what has been written... My view is there is nothing wrong with this image. I bet if Lee posted it as his own or Jake or Will everyone would say its amazing. Sometimes I think status can dictate plaudits. So what I am saying its a great fun picture and in a book it wouldn't look out of place. Instagram or social media does not correctly value a picture. Thats my view keep up the good work. 🙂

  • I really like this piece! I don't really think there is anything really wrong with it- it is fun and has a lot of bright, bold colors.

    Looking through your instagram, it seems like this picture is a fairly different style than what you normally post. Most of your other posts are super realistic pen or painted pieces, which is pretty different than this more cartoon-y piece. Perhaps your engagement is lower because your followers are not as interested in this type of art?

    At any rate, you should be making art you like, and if your tastes are changing from what your followers like, that is ok! Don't take the lower engagement as a sign that your art is worse... you just might need to take a while to get that other audience!

  • Second idea. Act like it's in a kids book, turn it into a two page spread, and extend the bg to the left? Then you can show the beach or something?

  • I like your illustration, I think it is very strong. I also feel your frustration around social media, I've had similar thoughts, it can be feel very good when your images are liked and shared and can boost confidence etc. all of this is good, but should be treated as an added bonus. I've been in the situation where I like a piece I make and post it and then the interaction it gets determines how I feel about the piece. I found this to be problematic because social media was dictating my confidence. And the reasons for it getting little interaction could vary so much and most of which have nothing to do with the actual artwork.

    Some points I have on your image are:

    The top of the umbrellas which are facing up towards the sun could be lighter as a result of being hit by the sun, and the inside of the umbrellas could be warmer and lighter, If you look at a photo of and umbrella in the sun, it is almost translucent when light goes through it, I think that is referred to as sub-surface scattering.

    I think possibly the underside/belly of the turtle could be a little lighter as it is going to get some reflected light from the ground in the shadow. Possibly overall the shadows are too dark, I would keep the darkest shadows for the areas where no light can get in.

    I think the textures describing the surfaces are lovely, the rabbit or hare's colour is possibly too similar to the shell.

    I do think the characters are great, nice expressions, nice concept.

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