Mermay WIP - The Soda Thief

  • Hi guys!

    I'm trying to make it in time for this months theme, because I really want to do a mermaid before May is over haha. And also I'm now finally subscribing to SVS and an offical member! Feels so exciting to take this step and invest in myself and my art! I've been wanting to do it for a long time 🙂 So I'm celebrating with this mermaid illustration 😃

    What do you think about it? Composition, colors etc. Is she too creepy looking? As you can see I have a bit left to paint and will add more details to the water. Maybe some fish as well... Hopefully I will make it in time...😬

    All input welcome! Mermay Soda thief wip.jpg


  • @KajsaH

    This looks good! It looks like you’re going to make it in time, especially since this already looks mostly finished.

    I personally don’t think the mermaid looks creepy - it’s such a unique design, and the expression works. There is something kind of sweet about this illustration, even, like they’re both chilling together in a pool, except the unsuspecting little girl doesn’t know it yet. XD

    Strong points for me are the story, colours and composition! Can’t wait to see it with the rest of the details.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @KajsaH Love the water. I don't think the mermaid looks creepy, i think because its green its more creature like. Maybe remove that one shadow branch that is on the mermaids hair. I think it gives it too much tension with it there. Great piece so far, looking forward to seeing it done.

  • @Chip-Valecek @animatosoor Thanks for the input! I'm glad you don't find the mermaid to creepy haha 🙂 I will remove the shadows over her hair and see how it feels.

  • Any last minute changes you think I should make? 😉 Mermay Soda thief SVS.jpg

  • Moderator

    @KajsaH I love this, it’s so much fun.

  • @Erin-Cortese Thank you! 😄

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