What does the moon do

  • Well, I'm up way too late getting angry with this piece! There are things that need to be changed before I finish. I need some fresh eyes on it. I hope it's obvious but it's about the moon hula hooping with Saturn. I'm working on a little ebook about what the moon does when you can't see it.

    The moon's arms and hands need to be redone. Something about his face is bothering me too. Does it look like Saturn is crashing into the side of the page?

    Fire away. I need HALP!


  • How fun! The whole concept is great, good colors and background and I love the space clouds. Saturn's expression is so perfect too!

    I'd love to see Saturn's other arm in this cute sideways thing you already have it doing. If you do that you'll have to widen the angle a bit, but you'll have more room to play with Moon's gesture... Seems hard to give a round ball a gesture 🙂 Maybe remove the eyebrows on the Moon?

    You're close! Don't give up!

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    This is really cute. I like the characters and sense of movement.

    I'm not sure what emotion you are going for here with the moon, he looks a bit unsure and maybe a bit concerned that Saturn might accidently hula him out of the galaxy based on his expression. If you are looking to express happy good times, maybe try tilting Saturn towards the moon, smiling and looking at his friend. It will connect them and and build on their friendship. Plus, clarify the moons expression that he is happy and having a grand time. Hope that helps.

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    Really cute. It kind of looks like the moon is a little kid trying to copy the big, cool Saturn, who is a pro at hula hooping! Saturn looks very confident in his ability. I have an almost two year old grandson who mimics everything we do and he gets that expression, like the moons, on his face sometimes as he tries to do big things. So if your going for that expression it works pretty well 🙂 I don't feel too qualified at this time to comment on your techniques and all that. I like the idea of Saturn tilted toward the moon and engaging with it, if they are supposed to be playing together. I really like this picture. So fun.

  • What a great concept! I agree with the idea of Saturn being more tilted towards little moon. I love the expressions on both faces. I also like the idea of showing both arms of Saturn.
    I guess you could make moons face a bit more cute by shifting his eyes closer together.
    Good luck with the e-book. Please keep us updated. 🙂

  • I think with this one I got really excited and jumped into painting too soon. Does anyone else do that? I did a sketch with Saturn turned around and farther in the distance. An issue I'm having is that in reality Saturn is HUGE (and I'm also locked into a 3840 x 2400 format). The moon doesn't visit Saturn in reality either but I don't want them to be so close in size. I also flattened my original and hacked it up to get an idea of where I should go.

    Thank you so much for your input everyone!
    sk4etch.jpg hula2test.jpg

  • I think the composition of your new sketch is working nicely. I think Saturn could be a tad bigger so there is more size variety. I like the sketch where they are more side to side rather than overlapping. Really great work and so cute.

  • I like the idea of the moon being smaller than Saturn--like a little kid wanting to be like the "cool" older kid. The motion and emotion is so wonderful!

  • So I started over because overall it was looking too bizarrely realistic. The moon was too close to real and that's why he was creeping me out. I think the new version has more movement. I'm still struggling with pushing Saturn into the background without losing her. I put a cool-tone overlay on her because she was bright yellow. I'm going to keep working on it. I definitely had more fun and felt less frustrated with this one.


  • Starting another one!


  • @gimmehummus already love the sart of this, and its very good to make a series out of this! Its helps youu to find a stable style of art! The sun is beautiful!

  • Any suggested changes? I had a hard time with the moon because it needed reflected light but still had to look moon-like. And its farther away.


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    This is quite different from the first one. It has a whole different feel to it. I like them both.

  • I agree about the different feel. The hula one has a sweeter feel I think. I guess because of their expressions? I went over the hula one real quick and made some changes, trying to unify them because they'll all be part of the same book. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    Does anyone ever feel overloaded with style ideas? I feel like a total commitment-phobe when it comes to art. Like I'm going to settle for the wrong one.


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    I like the new hula-hooping one best, and the new Mercury one too! You should give yourself a break - it's really difficult to show gesture well when you only have a sphere and arms to work with! This is a difficult task IMO 🙂 And you're doing a great job.

    Yes yes I totally feel like a style commitment-phobe! Every time I watch a new class I see a new way of working and think I must try this! And it's great and you learn stuff...but then I wonder well do I have to choose? If so, will it come naturally? I hope so. There's just so much fun stuff to choose from.

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