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  • I have been searching where to print things for my portfolio to take to scbwi conference and I went to a local print shop where I paid $60 for 12 images. They aren't done yet but I left disheartened, the guy was cold and very unhelpful. Like when he asked what kind of paper I wanted, I said I'm new at this and what it was for and what his advise was and he pulled out a folder and said this is the standard cheapest one and then just stood there in more silence.

    Anyway! So I went to the library next to return books and remembered they might have something I can use, they have a cool craft room called the collaboratory and they were so nice! They have super nice macs and a big photo printer. They let me choose the paper (I picked matte is that right?) For only $1.50 a page !

    Just wanted to share in case it helps anyone else!

  • here are some pics of them! I wish I had taken a pic of the printer, I think it was an Epson 100 or something 58610191_10218312982598650_5881700692439072768_n.jpg 58381670_10218312983198665_6266310525555048448_n.jpg 58381039_10218312983478672_4588894649917112320_n.jpg 57750722_10218312982918658_3986431899315732480_n.jpg

  • Oh wow they've come out so nice! I really want to invest in a good Epson printer, they're just so expensive!

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    Wow, hadn't even occurred to me to see if my library has a good printer. Thanks for the tip! And sorry you had a bad experience with that local print job. He's probably a miserable human being taking it out on others:)

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    @Heather-Bouteneff That is such a smart idea!

  • @hannahmccaffery me too! It's on the "if we ever win the lottery list" lol

  • @Johanna-Kim I always find myself trying to make up a story to rationalize someones actions when they act like that.
    I'm pretty sure this guy was in the back room just about to take a giant first bite out of his very very most favorite sardine and pickle and head cheese sandwich (on pineapple bread, of course) and I walked in all languid and indecisive and so obviously not a proper New Englander with my y'alls and shucks. He must have been so very distracted and annoyed.

  • I just quit working at a printer. He was miserable to you because you are a “small and non-repeat customer” he always treated the walk ins awfully and charged them way more.

    Your cowgirl is so cute. I love it!

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    @Heather-Bouteneff Nice to know! Thanks! Your art looks great.

  • Libraries are the best! My brother lives in Connecticut where the library is literally the community center: gardening class, yoga, print-making... so cool!
    I will check out what my local library has to offer.

    AND I think your reading lizard is charming.

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