Neep Help With Perspective for Fence Posts

  • This is a question about Perspective Lesson 7 in the "Mastering Perspective" course. The task is to draw five more fence posts in between two fence posts. I'm not sure how to determine how to evenly space the posts when the two end posts have been predetermined. Can anyone help with this?

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    @davidrickert The easiest way is to draw an x between the 2 posts - the intersection of the x is the middle. From there you can even draw an x again in each half to quarter the distance, and that gives you enough reference points to accurately eyeball where fifths should be.

  • SVS OG

    @davidrickert If you know your vanishing points you can use this method - my drawing is quick and a bit sloppy but hopefully it makes sense - you just need to divide the space between the two outside posts into equal sections and run a line to the vanishing point.... Untitled_Artwork.png

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