suggestions for newbie learning photoshop?

  • hey everyone.
    I have watched some of the courses in SVS on digital painting and trying to put some of it into practice. But of course it is the practice where I am really learning.........but it is taking a while and I make TONS of mistakes, eg. on layers etc. I don't understand many of the things that photoshop can do. Am keeping at it but i wondered if anyone had any advice on how to keep learning ? I am sort of using the monthly contest to practice. That might be a bit much as I'm trying to incorporate larger ideas and maybe I should be working on smaller things such as a character?
    anyhow, I know this is a wide open request but any advice at all would be appreciated! I worked for years in traditional media and it's super hard switching over! Each time I go at it, I do improve somewhat so I will keep putting that time in but shared frustrations/experiences might help too lol!
    thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

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    @Coley Hi Coley! I really understand the struggle and empathize with you!! Photoshop is a very large program and there are so many tools, options and techniques!! I've been using the program for nearly 15 years and still discover new things. I think yes, working on smaller things would be helpful at least while you get your process down. There are many different ways to work in Photoshop and you don't have to use all the tools, rather you have to find what you prefer and what helps you achieve the look you want. All methods are valid (in fact, whenever you see someone asking how to achieve something in Photoshop you will often find many different methods in the comments that all achieve the same result!)

    If you come from traditional media I'd suggest keeping it simple and working with few layers. Look up methods like speedpainting, where most of the work is done on no more than 3 layers (one for the sketch, one for the painting, one for little adjustments and effects on top). It's simple yet effective, and will feel more natural to you if you're used to traditional.

    You can always keep learning more and add tools as you go 🙂 In fact, most of the way I work in Photoshop now I learned after getting my first studio job 4 years ago and is completely different than how I was taught to draw in school. I learned about vector shapes and masks at work and use those extensively now. Many other functions I learned there that I didn't even know existed before despite using the program for 10 years hahaha... Did you know Photoshop has animation capabilities? I didn't either hahaha!

    It's too big to learn all at once, so start simple and keep learning slowly even as you have a solid process down that you're able to work with. Best of luck in your journey!

  • @NessIllustration thank you! I'll check into speed painting and thanks for the wise advice! 😉

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    @Coley honestly I been working in photoshop since like photoshop 2 back in my college years. Still till this day I am learning new tricks and tools to use. I don't think i will ever learn it all. The best way to do it, is youtube and tutorials. Follow along to learn the tools and if it fits into your process, then keep it in your tool bag.

  • @Chip-Valecek thanks for the reply. Any particular youtube channel you found helpful or do you just search a particular thing you're trying to learn and take it from there? I guess I was wondering if there was any particular resource that was especially helpful but maybe there are tons 😉 thanks again 😀

  • @Coley Hey Coley, I'd advise using PHLearn as they're straight-forward instructions and if you have Adobe Creative Cloud there are loads of tutorials in the CC menu on there for Photoshop. PHLearn has lots of free stuff on YouTube and their website and PHLearn Pro on monthly subscription.

    If you have specific questions I'm happy to give advice on what I know. Obviously its hard to know everything with Photoshop but I know a few things.

    PHLearn YouTube
    PHLearn Website

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    @Coley I usually just find an artist I like and watch their videos. Or like @sigross said Adobe has a ton of great videos out there that would help.

  • @sigross thank you! I will check out those links. 😀

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