Childhood dreams & Imagination!

  • Hi all! (my first Introductory post)

    Thought I'd start by sharing my latest illustration. I like to sort of re-live childhood imagination and draw whimsical childlike dreams. I also love portraits. So I will sometimes draw weird and wonderful things and other times I just focus on drawing little characters/faces.

    I've neglected illustration for a bit and decided to come back with a stronger commitment and I think this platform is wonderful for connecting with like-minded people! Short background summary; I worked as an illustrator/director for roughly 8 years, and after moving to another country, I took some time for myself and focused more on my painting & general learning/improving/ broadening my skill set. (Actually, oil painting is where my art journey started in life, it's where my main roots are. )

    I was a bit slow to the social media scene and at first, I had my paintings and illustrations on one profile page until I decided to delete all my illustrations from my page and start over on a new one, that's why I have two. I just feel that my goals for each of the art forms are so different that it just didn't fit together.

    👩🏻 QUESTION:

    Should I also share my oil paintings on this platform, or should I only share illustrations, since the two are so different?

    👩🏻 QUESTION:

    What are people's expectations from this platform? Why are you here? Do you like to see works in progress, get input or do you prefer to just see people latest works and come here for inspiration? What shouldn't people do on here? I want to make sure I use the platform in a way that the community expects and appreciate, not spam and whatnot.

    bot 2.jpg

    Also, below is one of my Inktober drawings from 2017 #Gigantic. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it in 2018!
    day 10 - gigantic clean.jpg

    I hope you don't mind my questions above!
    Thanks for taking the time ♥

    Instagram profile - Illustration
    Instagram profile - Painting

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    @CobaB Some people share finished pieces, some post in progress, but I'd say most of the time the intent is to get critique and feedback. People will often include what they were trying to go for so we can know if that's achieved or not and they'll mention a particular area that they struggled with that they'd like feedback on, to help people focus their critique.

    I've seen a lot of forums where people just post their latest pieces and then get a string of "Oh that's pretty!" comments. It's not really the kind of forum SVS is, it's more about helping each other out and giving honest feedback. But despite that, we won't give honest feedback unless we feel like the person really wants it because we don't want to be mean. So a post that just says "Here's my latest drawing, enjoy!" will often not get much reaction at all because we're not sure what to say and if the person actually wants a critique, or they just want praise. But if you write something like "Here's my latest drawing. I'm trying to convey that the little girl is sad that her friend is leaving, but I'm not sure if it's clear. Is it the expression, is it the composition, the colors? What do you think I should do to help convey the story better?" then people know you want help and exactly where you want it, and they will engage and give you amazing advice! The level is very high here, you'll find so many amazing artists who really know what they're talking about and can really help you if that is what you're after. It's an amazing forum!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @CobaB welcome to the forums and @NessIllustration pretty much answered your questions perfectly.

  • @NessIllustration Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply! Ok I'll do that. It's always great to get constructive feedback and not being in the same day to day interaction with artists makes this the perfect place to ask for input. Feel free if you have any input on what I shared here! 😊

  • @Chip-Valecek Ok perfect, thank you! In that case, I will only share illustrations here and not oil paintings I guess because I usually share those once it's finished and that's not so easy to change. Great, look forward to it! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @CobaB feel free to share your oil as well. We love to see all and any work our forum users are doing.

  • @Chip-Valecek Ok cool thanks!

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