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  • Hi friends I signed up for Tuesdays critique, Here's my entry. As you may have noticed I find myself in a prickly face of hedgehogs. they ar just so much fun Therefor I call this one 'Hedgehogs Christmas surprise'...The sketch and the painted version.illustratie kerst schets.jpg Hedgehogs Christmas surprise LG.jpg ![Leontine gaasenbeek christmas.jpg](uploading 100%)

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    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I am a big fan of Christmas and winter scenes to start with, but then making this feature your hedge hog character and the interior/exterior scenes and all of the details and expressions is just awesome!!! I can not say enough good things about this one @Leontine

  • Love it! Very nicely done.

    I'm going to guess that one of the main crits will be regarding the tone of the lighting. My sense is the lighting inside is too "harsh"/white.

    Outside, the white moon light makes sense but due to the fact that the moon is behind the animals, they would mainly be lit from that lamp and the moon would be pretty much just rim light. You've got that going but there is almost too much bright moon light on the front of their bodies.

    Can't wait for that sad little hedgehog to realize he's got friends who haven't forgotten him! Beautiful piece!

  • Hi, Leontine!
    What a surprise when I scrolled down my page, jumping from the sketch to the colored version. I liked already the sketch but scrolling the page blew me away. It was like somebody switched on the light! I hope this somehow expresses what I felt when I saw this incredibel piece. I definitely want to be there in front of the door and knock... I guess little hedgehog will cook a big can of cacao soon. 🙂

  • @mattramsey Yep, I think that you are right. There is a lot to improve on the lightening.
    Lucky me its not Christmas yet. Maybe I finish up right on time to join the party! Thanks for your effort!

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    Lovely! Love the overall feeling you have going on here!

    My big crit for it is that the scene is divided right down the middle (big no-no!). So I cropped in here and sort of compressed the right side for more of a thirds division of the space. I warmed up the color balance in the tree and cooled down the balance outside to give that warm/cool relationship.

    Great work here. Love seeing the line work and then the finish is beautifully painted. 1447101741597-hedgehogs-christmas-surprise-lg.jpg

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    Fun! You've caught a great moment here. I'm interested to see what comments they make and how you apply them.

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    Mr. Hedgehog is in for a nice holiday surprise 🙂 Love the storytelling element you have here.

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    So delightful! Love all the details and the warmth.

  • @Leontine characters are the BOMB...jus sayin.

  • Absolutely WONDERFUL! the detail! the characters! mahhhhvalus!

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    Really nice Leontine! - makes me want to read the story that goes with the painting! - not sure if you are looking for input - but I will throw out there that the rear legs of the reindeer keep attracting my attention - the anatomy is off a bit - the part that is most off is called a cannon on a horse ...not sure about a reindeer but it is basically the shin - I think in the painting it is much too short - the bend at the hock should be higher and this will allow the shin to be longer - this will give it that stately bearing that many hooved animals like elk and reindeer seem to have - other than that I would vote for a bit of warmth on the interior too.....but really you have made excellent piece - good luck with your critique tomorrow!

  • very nice warm and cool temperature! lovely piece. The outside of house scene seems to be more finished to me compared to the inside house foreground; I can see really broad brush strokes there and that my only concern for this. Again very nice image. Love what Lee did to the light inside as well.

  • Amazing how you took your cartoon sketch and turned it into such depth! This will be a great spread across two pages since you've divided it so nicely. Personally I like the light on the inside being a little dull and not warm, it compliments the loneliness of the hedgehog who doesn't know he'll be greeted soon. If this were a children's book I imagine you'd warm the light up on the next scene.

  • @Lee-White Thank you Lee. your totally right, and I missed that one.

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    I just found out I will be the one critiquing this one tonight. I just finished the paint over and have a lot of suggestions I will be going over and showing you how to do it step by step. Should be fun!

  • @Lee-White Thank you! you make me quite curious now.

  • SVS OG

    This is a lovely concept @Leontine, and so beautifully painted too. It's going to be a good critique session tonight!

  • @Dulcie Thank You! It was FUN and there's so much to learn from these wonderful people-teachers @Will-Terry and @Lee-White! You guys rock! Ill take it to the next level and try to join in next session.

  • Nice work and seeing this piece critiqued last night was a great.

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