Hey, I'm new here :)

  • Hey! My name's Laura. I've been listening to 3 Point Perspective since the end of last year and have got so much out of it. So about a month ago I thought I'd check out those SVS classes the guys wouldn't shut up about (jkjk they mention it an appropriate amount of times :face_with_stuck-out_tongue:) and yeah, I'm loving it. Sooo next logical step was to come here! I don't have a huge illustration network IRL and I'm hoping I might be able to forge a virtual one here! I'm kinda shy (nooo an artist, shy?! šŸ˜±) But I will do my best to speak up and participate and not be a chronic lurker!

    A bit about me? I went to art school in California, then moved to the Boston area a couple years ago where I've been working in a flower shop while I try to get an illustration career going. I'm particularly interested in writing and illustrating picture books and middle grade graphic novels. I've recently been consumed by a graphic novel "research" binge and fell in love with Hildafolk and On a Sunbeam. So, those are majorly inspiring to me at the moment.

    Maybe some art examples?
    Water copy.png


    ^ Just a sketch but I'm feeling good with the SVS classes I did this weekend!

    Also I'm re-realizing I really need to get better with creating final images! Tons of sketches and studies floating around.

    I always welcome feedback! I'm trying to get better and actually do this thing. And I'll also do my best to help all of you out in whatever way I can!

    Sorry for the novel. All my picture books have too many words too :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

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    @LauraLane welcome to the forums! It's a great place for a virtual network of illustrators.

  • SVS OG

    Welcome to the forum. My daughter lives in Boston -- Beacon Hill area. It's a great city.
    Where are you?

  • @demotlj Oh cool, that's a neat area! I'm out in Somerville, next to Cambridge. I really love it here :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • Welcome to the forum, I'm new too and also came from the 3-pt-persp podcast! Can't wait to see what you create.

  • SVS OG

    Yay! Welcome. Always fun to have new creators. I love the first image! Really beautiful.

  • Welcome. Great forum! Hope you enjoy it too.

    I also found it recently and I also found it through the podcast! šŸ‘šŸ½

  • Welcome, Laura! I'm also a fan of 3-point perspective, just found it about a month ago. I love your coloring! Also, your pages look nicely laid out. My favorite is the sketch of the little bugs. Keep sharing!

  • Welcome to the forums, your sketches are great. Keep it up.

  • Hello! Welcome to the forum! Iā€™m a bit of a chronic lurker too. Lovely drawings xX

  • I love your work - you have such a nice style already! Welcome!!

  • Welcome. Your art is wonderful. I really love your style and the use of color. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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