Interested in Partnering for a Class?

  • I've been working my way through the SVS classes-they are so good and there are so many of them! I enjoy the on-demand nature of the courses, but I find that I reach deeper and more consistently with a little more "external" structure. So I thought I would try to make some structure.

    Is anyone interested in taking a class "together"? A partner, a small group-these would help me and make it a little more fun.

    I'm considering "next" classes of the Gesture, Figure Drawing or Mastering Perspective. I'd be up for starting one of these either mid-March or first of April.

    Does this sound interesting to any of you?

    Disclosure-I'm about 1 year "new" to drawing. I draw exclusively on my iPad using Procreate (I choose to think of it as a creative constraint). I'm chasing comics as a form, and I'm shy in posting my work to date. Sharing work for a class seems a little less intimidating to me.

    I look forward to what ideas you all might have.

  • If you do Gesture, or Figure Drawing, I'll join for sure. I've already done both perspective courses (although if more join and want to do that one I'll consider retaking it). Having others to get feedback from is soooo helpful and would certainly add some fun to it.

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  • SVS OG

    I would like to joins as well. It will help me keep momentum if we work together.

  • SVS OG

    Hi Susan,
    Great idea! I've watched those classes already, but I recently realized I'm not getting the most out of classes as I could. So I've started re-watching, making notes, etc. Working together would be great! Maybe we could come up with our own class assignments to share, to practice what we've learned.
    Keep us posted on your plans!

  • @Susan-Marks This is a really great idea!

    My big problem is that I find I watch the videos, but don't do the work. If I were part of a group of people who were working through the class week by week and 'handing in' homework, I think my problem would be solved!

    I may start something like this up myself once things calm down around my house a little bit. End of April, probably!

    Seriously, really good idea 🙂 a kind of class structure is one of the things I'm missing with the classes.

  • @Kat i agree i would be down to rewatch stuff. It would be good to reinforce some things and having people doing this with me will keep me more accountable. I want to rewatch the “how to draw everything” and perspective and creative environment classes.

  • @Aleksey I haven't yet done the creative environment class and it's definitely laid out in such a way that going week by week would be a good idea.

    Lemme know if you wanna do this class in a group 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett yas i doo pleasee

  • Hi! I'm interested! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

  • SVS OG

    @Aleksey right now I'm rewatching "breathing life into your characters", but really, any class that people want to watch and work through together will be helpful!

  • Hi there, i'm really interested in gesture drawing and mastering perspective. It's a really good idea to make study groups. So you can also learn from others points of view.

  • @Susan-Marks i'm interested. I am part way through gesture as well as mastering perspective but wouldnt mind re-doing either one. possibly the figure drawing. I'm sure I could benefit from focusing in on either one of these classes with a group. 😀

  • @Aleksey Nice! I'll make a new thread sometime at the end of month and PM you 🙂

  • @Kat Exactly. I think we could as a small group really encourage each other and as you say come up with some ways to challenge each of to use and apply the concepts from the class.

  • @Aleksey @Braden-Hallett --I'll take a look at the creative environment class-but I think it's either a bit above my reach, or that I really need to improve my figures and perspective before jumping in. But if I've inspired the 2 of you to partner up on the creative environment class-go for it!

  • @Susan-Marks Great idea! I’d be down too.

  • @Susan-Marks I would love to be a part of this idea. I would like to be tagged in when the getting things going happens. Great idea!!

  • I would like to join any of the groups for this.

  • @JennyJones thanks Jenny. How about following this thread for updates and I’ll post here. When we actually start, I’ll post that as a separate thread, but announce it here. Sound like a plan?

  • @Susan-Marks such great response, I’m excited. I don’t see a strong preference for which of the 3 class options I proposed ( and I’m excited that 2 people are going to go their own way for Creative Environment).

    So how about doing the Gesture class, the included with subscription portion of the Fire Drawing class. It seems a little smaller than Mastering Perspective, And could be a run-up to the paid Figure Drawing Class did we’re interested.

    I propose starting on March 15. I’ll post a startup thread if this seems like a go.

    The class has 2.5 hours of videos, roughly 3 classes. Perhaps we can plan on taking 4 weeks

    Feedback welcome.

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