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  • Hi everyone! I've recently become hopelessly addicted to the Three Point Perspective podcast, and through it, I've found myself here. I signed up for the free trial subscription for SVS Learn and am already trying to figure out how I can work that into my budget...because it's SO. AWESOME.

    I started with traditional (pencil) art as a kid, drawing scenes from my favorite books - Narnia was a prominent feature in all of my sketchbooks...and on top of that, I was your typical horse-crazy girl. In my late teens/early 20's, I started doing commissions of pets in graphite and pastel.

    Now in my early 30's, I have a day job that I love and don't plan to give up (I ride/train/show horses and teach riding lessons - so never grew out of the horse thing), but I also still do commissions on the side, and want to self-publish a few books and/or graphic novels someday. I'm SO in love with digital illustration and am working to transition to doing the majority of my commissions in that medium. I love the idea of creating images that tell a story and look like they could be stills from an animated film - my favorite subjects being horses and corgis. 🙂

    Anyway...I'm really excited to be here and keep learning!

    rainy day corg.png

    snow gallop full panelWEB.png

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    @Emilie-Goddard Beautiful pieces! Welcome to the forum — I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Wow Emilie, nice work. welcome 👍

  • Hi Emilie- Nice Work....looks like you have two distinctive styles. The first one has a picture book adorable little creature! And the second one looks like it could be an animated feature movie....I'm wondering what the story is there. You're heading in a good direction with both.
    I'm new to the svs forums too. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Wow! Excellent work. Welcome to the forums.

  • Welcome to the forums! Corgis are the best of subject material 🙂

    Nice work! I particularly like the snowscape image. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Welcome -very much enjoy your horse work like @Braden-Hallett like your Corgis lols.

  • @Emilie-Goddard Welcome-and so great that you've kept alive two of the passions of your childhood. I too entered SVS through the podcast-I love each and every one.

    I particularly like your first piece. It's more to my preferred style-and your little guy really speaks to me. You've nailed his coat and the lighting overall is very good. I'll look forward to seeing more.

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    @Emilie-Goddard welcome to the forums!

  • @demotlj Thank you!

  • @peteolczyk Thanks!
    @RobinCampbellArt Thank you! And thanks for the observations! Honestly I hadn't really noticed the distinct differences between the strange as that may sound. But I totally understand your observations and am glad you shared - maybe I can start exploring this more.
    @SketchyArtish Thank you!
    @Braden-Hallett Thanks! I have to agree 🙂 I'm totally biased, but I think Corgis have so much personality that they just have to be included in fun artwork.
    @Heather-Boyd Thanks for the welcome!
    @Susan-Marks Thank you for your comment! I can't stop listening to the podcast... 😉
    @Chip-Valecek Thank you for the welcome!

  • Beautiful images! Welcome :-).

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    Welcome! 😃

  • Hi Emilie,

    I am a horse crazy girl too! I have been riding since I was 12, we owned 5 horses at one point and even though I have not ridden on a regular basis as my horse is 29 and semi-retired I am a horse girl for life.

    As a kid I would often draw horses and fairies, I still do a little of both.
    I was asked to illustrate a journal for adults which was inspired by the author's love for fairies and intentional living.

    In my twenties, I moved on to human subjects and did portraits of people and musicians and I started a window and mural painting as a side job to the retail jobs that I had.

    My dream job is authoring and illustrating for kids and this year my focus along with painting and contributing to the Art Crawl this coming October, I am planning to restructure my website and get some interest and contact with literary agents.

    It is really nice to meet you and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  • Welcome, Emilie! I really like your use of color!

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