Montra fabric pattern. WIP

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    I think the idea of a quilt is great. I have a friend who went through treatment for breast cancer and a bunch of her crafty friends asked people to sign squares with words of hope which they quilted together. It was very meaningful to her and she still has it 20 years later, (cancer free.) I know your project will be equally meaningful to others.

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    Which layout for the quote squares? These are just rough drafts. I plan on putting line work in the boarders. And not sure I will keep the boarders like that, the colors and such. What do you think about the boarder colors? Any other words about the layers of the fabric please chime in! or the direction of the phrases... Thanks!!!

    @demotlj That's kinda what I was thinking. I don't quilt, but something that those who wanted to make a quilt would be able to use the fabric. I think sometimes they are called a prayer quilt. So happy about your friend 20 years cancer free.

    montra pattern rough draft tile set up test.jpg

    montra pattern 2 all horizontal test tile.jpg

  • @Whitney-Simms I love the idea of the quilt, of considered words of encouragement being put together! May your friend find peace and the help he needs.

    I would say the second design is the strongest. The first one is kind of confusing, as the orientation of the text defers, leading the viewer to tilt their heads a lot trying to read. The second one, all the text is in one orientation thus more streamlined reading, and the extra details in the borders gives an impression of a quilt.

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    @rinovarka thanks so much! I think I will go further with the quotes all the same direction. Sometimes I overthink things!

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    I agree the second is stronger of the two. I like the borders on the second as well.

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    montra pattern 2 all horizontal tile copy.jpg
    One more thing to try after this one and i am done. I am going to put back ground color in the middle and leave the boarders white with the ink only

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    montra pattern 2 all horizontal final layered color inside phrases.jpg
    I think if I reduce the boarder it would be a little less caotic. But I think the phrasing stands out more in the first one. Hanging up the towel. This one killed me today. ugh. done

  • I love the template for the quilt - it'll be such a nice prayer quilt. I've dabbled a bit in quilt making but had never thought to bring my love of illustration with quilting. It's a nice way to give back with your art. Nicely done!

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    montra pattern 2 all horizontal final layered 150 dpi copy.jpg final submission to spoon flower competition.
    Thanks @Chip-Valecek @djly I love fabrics. Too bad I don't want to sew. I kinda can. But Nope. I do hope my buddies will use the fabric. They also mentioned in the challenge that people may use the patterns in wallpaper and frame sections of it. I know that I will make cards from the images. The spoon flower thing was just where the idea started from. It was one that I knew I could cross over and use the images for something else.

  • Love the whimsy in these designs! I wish you luck in the contest! I have considered the Spoonflower avenue for various artworks myself, but have done a very successful job of talking myself out of it.....

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