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    I knocked out a couple pieces this weekend. The spider-man I did during the week and added final touches this evening. But more importantly The Quite Lady... a new story idea from my 11 year old. If you been around you would know he also wrote "The Magic Collar" http://magiccollar.cshellmedia.com/ Well he has a new idea for a story which is based off a some what true event of hearing some noises in the middle of the night but then he added onto the story to make it creepy. From there we work together to develop the idea. And that idea is:

    The Quite Lady doesn't say much but wants to eat your brains. She stands in the corner of your room at night watching you sleep and waiting for the right time to indulge on your brains.


    and here is the spider-man piece


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    @Chip-Valecek my kids can’t play with your kids. Just kidding. Although, it’s cool that your kiddo seems fearless. We have to be careful when we watch Harry Potter.

    You reached your objective of scaring the crap out of me with the lady.

    Spidie is the bomb! Love the texture in the background and the spider in there. Pretty sweet!

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    @Whitney-Simms LOL my youngest son loves to watch horror movies with me, the scary ones with creepy ghosts, I wont let him watch some of my favorite slasher films just yet. My oldest son on the other hand loves those and hates the ghost kind. My daughter hates them all LOL. Its so funny watching the kids grow into what they like and what they dont with no influence from me, well maybe a little :face_with_stuck-out_tongue:

  • I agree with @Whitney-Simms - the textured background are really nice. They both really pop off the page. Your work is always so fun!

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    @djly thanks!

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