It works! Thanks, svs :)

  • I've been posting my work on my local Facebook group for illustrators for a long time. But few days ago, I first post an illustration with a comment that I have a project (picture book) ready to be shared with publishers, just a basic announcement... and in an hour or so two publishers (in my country we don't have agents) approached me and asked for the manuscript. That never happened before, when I was only posting illustrations! And I also did not believe people from publishing houses are actually present in those Facebook groups or following my account. But they are. They were just waiting for a project. So - you, guys from SVS, were right. We need to work on projects and be present on social media, so the right people might find our work.

    Does anyone of you also have a success story or almost success story (because I have no idea if it actually will be a success story at the end;) to share? Might be great to hear those!!

  • @mag I don't have any stories, but I am sure happy to hear your good news 🙂 .

  • @mag I'm with @Heather-Boyd on that one, I don't have any success stories but congrats on yours. I hope it all works out for you!

  • I love your monkey by the way, and congratulations 👏

  • Thank you all 🙂 now it looks like I'm just bragging! 🤓 😆 😂

  • Congratulations!

    That is exciting news, I am happy to hear that you are having some success.
    I am working on a manuscript for a kids book too, it is my goal to approach publishers this year and hopefully have it published.

  • Brilliant!

  • @Jessica-Jolicoeur Having a set deadline is a huge help, right?
    May I ask, what is your story about? 🙂

  • Mag,

    Yes having a deadline would be very helpful.

    My story is a little more traditional in some ways as the writing style has an old English world charm about it.

    It is about a farm of animals and the fun and sweet antics that they get up too.
    I am writing them in relatively short chapters with multiple chapters in each book.
    There will be a few full-color images through the entire book and multiple little vignettes on each chapter to support visual understanding of the story.

    Think Beatrix Potter and other classic stories like Frog and Toad.

  • Amazing news! That's awesome!

  • @mag CONGRATS! That's wonderful news! Hope it all works out! Love your colors and your style! Which country are you in?

  • That's great news! Also, I just wanted to mention there's a Twitter PBPitch tomorrow (2/21) if anyone does have a manuscript ready to pitch. Lots of agents/editors are gonna stop by:

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