WIP. Love yourself and love your dessert. Critique/suggestions please.

  • Hi all, this is my third entry for the monthly contests.

    Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

    The idea here (if it isn't obvious) is that this woman is happy and loves herself regardless of those around her being coupled together.

    Any general feedback and/or tips would be great.


  • Hello Rotub! I like your drawing but I am not convinced by the concept idea. This is the feminist in me saying : why should it be a lady sitting there and not a man "in love with himself"? To me, your drawing can potentially call for controversial discussion 😉

  • @Julia true, this did cross my mind. Thanks for the feedback!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @rotub You could always add another table with a guy alone eating the same dessert and they notice each other being single and enjoying the same thing. You know Love at first sight type of thing. I would also keep the couple's tables as well to sell the point that they are there alone.

  • @rotub i would exaggerate the cake a bit more, if they gonna feast on a cake, give them a cake! Embeleish it! I’d also add some things around the restaurant maybe some valentines day things like hearts and stuff, perhaps a couple in the back being escorted to their table by a waiter and they’re staring at the cake to fill that empty space? The only thing that told me the other diners are on a date were the romantic candles. Theres a lot of negative space up above the scene too.

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