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  • Hi everyone this is my first post on here. I’m trying to get more involved in being part of an artist community. I’ve been slacking on my art lately and I’m trying to get back into the swing of it. I love doing character art but I feel that I really need to study the human figure more and it’s really become my project to start off the year. I’m trying to spend 10,000 minutes just focusing on learning the human figure, proportions, and anatomy. I would love some feedback and suggestions on good exercises and things I could implement into my learning. I will try to post some progress pics as well. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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    Welcome, Trevor! I'm new here, too. I just discovered the forums a couple weeks ago. I can tell you though that I am pretty confident already that you will find some great advice here and a friendly, welcoming community. I urge you to listen to the 3-Point Perspective podcasts--they're really awesome and chock full of guidance that's useful to every illustrator regardless of the specific field you're interested in.

    If you get a chance, I suggest using the search mechanism to find posts that might contain helpful info, and peruse the keywords they have already. I think you can find them using the search tool. There's really a lot of useful info already here on the forums!

    Good luck on your 10,000 Minutes! I'm working on 100 Things myself, and slowly accumulating a small collection of hand renderings. It's a lot of work, but it's happy work, so I bet you'll enjoy your time investment!

    Welcome, again!

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    Hi Trevor, I'm also a newby here. I just took a yearly subscription to the SVS-learn video's so I'm not sure yet what to find there in terms of anatomy and figure drawing. But I'm also focussing more on that this year. I find the youtube videos of Proko a great help.

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    Hi! I need to invest in working on my people as well. They intimidate me and that's why I want to increase my working knowledge of them this year.

    SVS just recently made a Gesture class that could be beneficial to you and then there's a Drawing Fundamental's course about drawing from large to specific that really helped reinforced proper process for me and proper proportions and measurements.

    How many hours is 10,000 minutes? Anyone? lols


  • Welcome to the site 🙂

    There's a few good videos on the subject. I haven't tried the basics of figure drawing, but stylizing human characters will help you out.

    What really helped me get better at figure drawing was, well, figure drawing. Lots and lots of figure drawing. 100 one minute drawings will probably do more for you than 10 ten minute drawings.

    Sites like this are awesome: Quickposes It's what I used when I was doing figure drawing as part of my morning practice.

    Good luck on that ten thousand minutes!

  • Welcome @Trevor-Matthew-Timms

    Proko has a great anatomy course. I'm about halfway through it and it is incredibly detailed. He is very good at explaining complex structures and making them easy to understand and replicate. Highly recommended. His figure drawing fundamentals class is also available through SVSlearn too. Its probably a good idea to go through that first before doing more advanced anatomy stuff. is also a good place to practice timed figure drawing. (Also has animals and scenes you can draw too).

    Best of luck!

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