What are you 2019 illustration goals?

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    I'm going to be illustrating my first children book in 2019! But the schedule is rushed, and I'm overall so busy... My biggest goal is to do the best I can to deliver the best artwork I can for this book, no matter how busy I am. I'm afraid to be so swamped that I'll just "call it in", but I want to make artwork that surpasses my best work.

    I also want to release 2 new collections of prints for my Etsy shop by the end of the year, and I'd love to start offering portrait commissions as well!

  • My goals this year are all connected to that funny love feeling i got yesterday while in a children's bookshop surrounded by picturebooks upon picturebooks and that voice in my head telling me all the time "i want to do this. this is what i want to do". So:

    Working on my craft. Establishing a practice of doing observational drawing every day and doing studies - get better at drawing kids, people and animals. Draw draw draw
    Updating my portfolio and building online presence and having a kickass website

    Creating video content

    creating a passive income flow/source

    Sending my portfolio to agents and agencies

    Work freelance and make enough money to sustain a decent living where i contribute to rent, food and utilities but can also afford clothes and going out and leisure time as well as courses

    Save money and get better with financial habits. Also save money towards doing an MA perhaps

    Making art and personal projects into lucrative business

    Illustrating and publishing a picturebook

    Basically making dreams come true and not finding excuses

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  • @hannahmccaffery my goals are similar to yours!

    Produce a new portfolio piece every month I want to make full scenes like you, so my warmups lately have been drawing plants/rocks/trees so when I make environments later I have inspiration to pull from. Also the Draw 50 Things challenge makes you mindful of how you can add objects to a space to make it feel more real.

    Apply to agencies this year I've been doing a lot of learning, time to make some proper pieces for a strong portfolio.

  • What a great thread.

    I signed myself up for an illustration conference on March 2nd of 2019.
    In doing so, I committed myself to:

    Picking a voice or style for my portfolio. (Finally!!) I've been doing lots of exploring between digital, watercolor, ink, sculpting, cut paper and a mix of everything in between.

    Create 12-18 pieces for my portfolio that match that style and voice. - This is a bit ambitious since that means I will need to complete 2 pieces a week for the next two months. (But so far I've outlined a schedule and I'm on track.)

    Redesign my website to focus on that voice or brand. - My current website is a mess. It's not easy to navigate and it shows off to many of my "other projects."

    Participate in a portfolio showcase at the conference.

    Participate in a website critique at the conference.

    Rewatch and study the SVS videos again. (Paying special attention to areas that I struggle with, ie - color balance, and lighting)

    Keep putting my artistic self out there. - Last year I made it a goal to enter every SVS prompt, and I did! I also applied for a TV show, a community grant, asked other local artist to join a sketch group, and posted more of my art to social media.

    Visit the SVS studio in person. - I live in Utah and have wanted to visit the SVS studio, but have been too scared to ask Will & Jake.

    Enjoy the art journey!!- too often I get frustrated at my shortcomings and don't take a minute to realize that learning is part of the fun. Sharing with others and watching them grow is amazing. I love the forum for this reason. I love that we are all cheering each other on. (This all sounds like rainbows and butterflies, yikes a bit too sappy) But in truth I really am excited when I see things happen for SVSers.

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    Awesome goals everyone! Please update everyone with your progress as it would be amazing if we all actually completed our goals by the end of the year 😃 Or at least some of them anyway!

  • Pretty simple goals, this year.

    Compile mailing list and spam postcards.

    Reach out to many illustration agents.

    Be utterly and totally shameless with my self promotion.

  • My main goal is to make about 10 portfolio pieces and set up a website.Also start using backgrounds in my art. Backgrounds are a real weak point so I am thinking of joining the new Background course starting on SvS.
    Try and really get to grips with perspective and composition

  • Update my website this one is already done! I had a few days off at new year and put it to good use. Just finished it last night.

    draw more full/partial backgrounds This was a goal I set last year and I want to continue working at. I want to keep building all the good skills that come with finishing a full composition.

    get my online shop up and running current status: tumbleweeds

    have a table at an art fair aiming for something around Christmas time

    join a mastermind group I've been looking for a while. I would love to find a small group of people to talk with about my goals and bounce ideas off of.

    get paid for illustration Last year I decided I wanted to pivot from design to illustration. My design portfolio was strong but my illustration portfolio was non-existent. I worked hard last year and came up with a body of work that I feel good about. It would be great if this year I could use the portfolio I built to get some work! (Not quitting my day job yet though 😉 )

    1 new portfolio piece a month to keep things fresh!

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    My 2019 illustration goals are to LEARN! LEARN! LEARN!

    In 2019 I do not want to leave any stone unturned. I want to improve my technical skills as an illustrator by exploring shape, colour, lighting, and linework in-depth, I want to experiment with various styles, techniques, and processes, and I want hone in on what drives me as an artist by pushing the composition, mood , and storytelling in my work.

    Truthfully, I am really hoping that all of this learning and experimentation will turn out some strong portfolio pieces, but I am really trying not to make that the focus. In my past experience, when I focus too hard on turning out good work, things fall flat. When I let go and stop trying so hard to control every aspect of my work, that is when the magic happens.

    For me, this year will likely be as much about psychology as it is about art.

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