Episode 17: How to Work With Art Directors

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    Hello, friends!
    The newest episode is up and ready for you to listen to, we had a lot of fun with this one and it is all about working with art directors!
    A topic often glossed over in school is, how to work with art directors. This is a huge part of the business side of Illustration and many beginning illustrators approach it with a bit of trepidation; in this episode we help shed some light on the topic by offering advice, suggestions, and by sharing some of our successes and failures in working with art directors. To listen click here.
    If you have experience working with art directors or questions, feel free to share them in this thread!

  • @jake-parker I love the music for the podcast. (Sorry Will- although when you say nursery school and I hear it again I do "hear" what you mean πŸ˜’ ). I still think it's pretty perfect.
    You guys, the podcast is a serious highlight in my weeks. Your insight is so valuable to me in my budding career. The podcast is unique as well. I have not found one that is so focused on what I am specifically interested in and I find it to be so useful. Thanks so much for keeping them coming. Nuggets of gold!

  • @Jake-Parker I'm so excited to see the newest episode that I had to come over here first and let you know how I love your podcasts. I was checking e v e r y single day to see if you posted anything new. Next time don't keep your fans wainting for so long!:)

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    You guys are so random! Good stuff. My husband keeps a spread sheet of his clients. So he can remember their kids and other random talking points. And send Christmas cards. He says it’s a nice way for them to be reminded of him and how adorable my kids are. And to use him so we can feed our kids.
    @Jake-Parker Good luck selling your kidneys for your heat. I’m sure all you need to do is a few drawings and sell the originals and you’re all set. It’s that easy, right!
    @Lee-White cant wait for your scholastic book. Will it be at those book fairs that are at the school every other month. Not complaining, I like books and illustrators. And I hear franklin is an adorable art town. My aunt keeps trying to take me there. It’s close to her in Alabama.
    @Will-Terry good advice on how to work with others! Great podcast on moving into the professional world. People skills are kinda important.

  • Another great episode guys. But I have a question – are book designers also art directors? Sometimes or always? I work with a top 5 publisher in Australia but I've never met the art director, is this because I also designed the book?

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    OMG You guys crack me up! I love your podcasts so much. When I get the notice that the podcast has dropped I get so excited. Lol. So much great information. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
    BTW: I agree about the intro music @Will-Terry πŸ˜‚. It not horrible but it is a tad soft. The first replacement song that popped into my mind is Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song. Granted I've watched/listened to the Thor:Ragnarok movie a LOT this last month πŸ˜‚. That may be a little too hard. @Lee-White @Jake-Parker just let Will play his bass over the current theme. That should help. =)x

  • @burvantill YES "Immigrant Song" would be a vast improvement!! πŸ˜‚

  • @Will-Terry I am so with you on the music. It's hideous. Everything else about the podcast is awesome.

  • Was very interesting but I think you run out of time.... It could be great a second part πŸ™‚

  • Hi Jake, in the ep you mentioned that it would be publihed the first week of December.
    But i can't see a post schedule anywhere on the site? Is there a way to know when the next episode will be posted?

  • Hey guys.

    I just put the new episode on but I don't know if it's my docking that's getting messed up or not, I can barely hear Jake. Do you guys have the same problem?

  • SVS OG

    @sas I didn’t have any problems. I was listening to it on my phone.

  • @demotlj I shall give it a try on my phone. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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    @jake-parker Why dont you upload your podcasts to youtube too. Might get you more listeners. πŸ™‚

  • @sas Me too, listened to it in my car and I missed 3/4 of what Jake said. His audio was super low for some reason.

    Also yes SVS please do SPACE FARM as a contest!

  • I actually loved the buffer music, until I watched some Better Help videos about mental health, and they use the exact same track. Lol. A new video would start playing, and for a split second I'd get excited to hear you guys, and then I remembered I was starting a video about C-PTSD.

    I have a couple of ideas for topics:

    Actually choosing which art idea to explore. I have no shortage of ideas, all very diverse. But I can't seem to be able to just pick one or two and stick to it. Also, I love several different mediums and styles, and I can't seem to be able to choose which one to settle on for a concept I have. Should I draw that series of images in graphite, ink, digitally, with colored pencils, I'llwith vector shapes, more realistic, or really graphic? Should I paint it? With watercolor or acrylic, or alcohol ink? Too many options makes for a stressed self-learner.

    I would really love to hear from part-time illustrators, especially if they're a stay at home mom, or even better, a homeschooling mom. Those two things are higher on my priority list, but abandoning my dream of making children's books does not sound like the right choice. How can you make the time when you're not going to be the bread winner?

  • @cgordon It's good to hear that more people are having this problem. Too bad you're missing out on so much! Maybe you guys could look into this @Will-Terry, @Jake-Parker and @Lee-White?

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    I just heard the music for the 2018 podcasts in a commercial for The Good Feet. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
    So glad you changed it. πŸ‘

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