Critique on sketch please!

  • Hello everyone! I'm working on a piece which consists almost 100% of elements i've never drawn before, so i am definitely out of my comfort zone and this sketch alone has taken me a few hours to gather together! Any advice before i move on to the painting stage would be appreciated. Anatomy is probably the biggest problem, since i rarely draw humans haha. Also wondering if the general concept reads well (the little girl is using the "bunny ears" method to tie her shoe) Thank you!!! 0_1542522911283_bunnyearsSKETCH.jpg

  • Very nice. I like the line work you've done. The head/face, hands, and rabbit are quite wonderfully done. I am seeing somthing askew in the torso to pelvis area, and how the legs are connected doesn't quite seem right to my eye. The readability for me is spot on, no question. Overall the style reminds me a bit of the older "Golden books", only better πŸ™‚

  • @amelia-bothe This is real great start! The thing that I notice is the right foot. It feels like it should be up on its heel a bit, rather than flat on the ground. And perspective wise, it should be larger, since it’s closer to the viewer. The rabbit and the face in particular are fantastic.

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    Really cute! I think the head is probably a tad too big. Toddlers have bigger heads yes, but not that much... It wouldn't matter if this was more stylized, but since you're going for a more realistic style it kind of stands out!

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    I agree this looks amazing!

  • I agree with @NessIllustration about the head size. I think the positioning of the hat makes the head appear far larger. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the hat, and I think some of the line quality is hit or miss. I'm guessing the line quality doesn't matter as much, since this will be a painting? Also, have you tried having the rabbit look at the girl's face? Not sure if that would improve the story or not. Overall, excellent work!

  • What a beautiful style you have, I can't wait to see this when you've finished it, it reminds me of the Belle & Boo characters πŸ™‚ I agree with everyone about the head and torso, it looks too big compared to the legs, I love the oversized hat but maybe her head shouldn't fill it as much?
    Wonderful stuff πŸ™‚

  • Agreed with a lot of the comments so far. It's a solid drawing and the style is really nice. I do feel like the little girl is going to fall over to the right. I would lean her forward more. Also maybe to add more personality/character/storytelling and a lot of this depends on how young she is, but adjusting the posture to make it feel like she's working hard and hyper-focused. You could also maybe rethink the expression on her face, like shes tightening her lips because shes really concentrated on tieing her shoelaces or something. You could go as far as maybe the bunny has its one or both feet on the girls other leg to show how interested or invested the bunny is in the girl's task or as if the bunny is trying to help her friend out. Just trying to push the storytelling further.

    I am not the best with words so I also attached a sketch showing the things I did.

    • I made her lean forward
    • lifted her right shoulder
    • made the head slightly smaller
    • suggested a change in expression
    • re-positioned her legs a bit
    • bent the bunnies left ear down a bit so it points to the girls face and the rest of the parts point to her shoe (keeping the viewer's eye circling around)


  • @donflo Thank you for these great suggestions!! I really love the choices you made in your sketch. I'll keep those tips in mind for next time!

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