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  • I'm developing promotional postcards to send to publishers/agents, but I'm trying to figure out the timing. If they hit snail mail with all the other holiday cards, will mine get lost in the shuffle? What are some things I can do to ensure my pc stands out from others? Should I wait until January at this rate? What's a reasonable amount of upfront costs I will incur for each promo mail-out?

    I humbly request Will, Jake, and Lee create a Marketing 101 for Illustrators podcast in the next week or so. That'd be great 🙂

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    @laurel-aylesworth I second that humble request! 😬👍

  • I had the same concern this week since I just printed promotional postcards and have procrastinated on addressing them (to me, the worst task ever). From what I have heard the industry kind of shuts down after Thanksgiving so I decided I would just try to get them out before then.

    I spend about $70 to print postcards and then I put first class stamps on them, so that’s another $50 or so to mail 100 postcards. The postage really puts you in the hole. I used to send actual postcard size postcards so that I could use a postcard stamp, which is cheaper, but an art director at a conference once mentioned that he likes bigger postcards so I started making them bigger. I don’t know why I listened to him because it probably doesn’t matter.

    If you search around there are lots of blog posts that talk about sending postcards in more detail. And there is a SVS 3rd Thursday episode where they talked about them too.

  • While this isn't exactly answering your question, you might find this helpful. While I don't know of any illustrator specific podcasts, two good art marketing podcast, are:

    One Fantastic Week
    Art Marketing Podcast by Art Storefronts.

    Both are more targeted towards the independent artist but are full of amazing content. I would say One Fantastic Week will have something more to your liking. The Art Marketing Podcast is more business orientated. One Fantastic Week has great content for any artist looking to go pro.

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