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    I have a question re: consistency of instagram feed. I have been steadily gaining followers over the last 2 years (using @Jake-Parker 's tips) I have just reached 6000. I shared ALMOST only illustration stuff (sketch, WIP, finish stuff). Recently, I started exploring fine art stuff a little more - landscape sketching in watercolour/gouache, and I want to dive back into portrait painting. Should I create a separate Instagram account for that, or share on the same account ?! Any thoughts ?!


  • When I look at someone's IG to decide whether or not to follow them one of the things I consider is the variety and versatility I see. If they are all a one trick pony I might not follow them (unless of course, their work is amazing or really unusual). When they have different media or types of art, I really like it. Especially if all their work is well done. That being said I only have 184 followers at the moment (just starting out) so I may not be the best source of info. I can only speak about what I like to see when I follow someone.

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    Contrary to @chrisaakins I really like Instagram feeds that are consistent...which I guess goes to prove that we’re all different and there is no right or wrong in these things! I do try to keep my feed consistent as much as possible - but why don’t you simply try it out? If your engagement level drops or raises on certain posts, you can deduce what works and what doesn’t for your audience. There’s no harm in trying...

  • I am a “low follower” too so not an authority, but I think it’s more about who you are after as followers. I am working on more consistency on my feed. I have been focusing on illustration, but I still do a lot of realism...especially portraiture, etc...I did an acrylic portrait for my first time ever and got more engagement on AND offline from that than most posts. Also with a dog portrait I drew. I think @smceccarelli and @chrisaakins are BOTH correct. People like consistency, but if you toss something else in the mix...that’s well done, they love that too. The key is remembering WHY some people started following you...they still want to see that too.

    I only have 325 followers but have very steady work. Sometimes I see someone with 10k followers and some of their posts look like they are begging for a very cheap rate (too low IMHO). Or even worst, those with a lot of followers that feel that need to put: “I don’t work for free” in their profile. 😂😂😂 That sounds like they get a lot of requests, but no “project$”.

    I value engagement over likes. Likes can show your reach, but a comment beyond: “That’s cool!” Shows you struck a nerve, and the viewer just HAD to engage! That leads to work.

    I love your you already now. Some of those likes and comments are from me!😂

  • Man, 6000? Way to go! You may want to try posting the images to your story and creating one of those curated story feeds at the top of your profile for different things you're trying out (maybe one for landscapes one for portraits or sort them by medium). If something goes over really well there you could post an image to your main feed every once and a while to add a little variety. I like it when a person's feed is super consistent but I appreciate when every once and a while they throw in something a little different, particularly if it shows a different interest or their personality more than the super curated images do.

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    Just looked up your account. Holy cow! Love your stuff. Adorable. Throw in a few of the other things and see how your followers react. Or put it in your stories. I would hate for you to lose that consistency in your account because it is so strong. On the other hand, it may be just as strong as you add consistent verity? Add it every so often and see what happens. You can always delete it or move it to another account. If you need to start another account you want your followers to go there too. That means they need to get invested in your other style. No need to start from scratch with another style. Just my two cents. I don’t have lots of followers, but I do follow people I really like!

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