Halloween illustration-WIP (feedback requested)

  • I'll keep it unanimous, and confirm that #2 is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see where you take this piece.

  • This is fantastic and creepy, and full of all good Grimm fairytale goodness!! #2 is great.

    • EDIT - So after reading that it is the story from the ghosts point of view, I change my previous statement. Just looking at the thumbnails I thought the story was about a witch who snatches children on Halloween!!

    It looks to me that #1 would tell more of the little ghost boy wanting to join in on the Halloween festivities. Your compositions look really great with all the cool shapes & lines. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you are going to render this & what your lighting will look like πŸ™‚

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    @lenwen I'm going to go with #1 even though it seems the favorite is #2. The ghost seems the most interesting figure and this one shows it most prominently. My second favorite is #3. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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    Great concept! I’m leaning on #1 but with a more closed up view of the ghost, cowering in fear.

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    One is my favorite as well. It’s the ghosts story and they stand out more there.

  • Another vote for 1 with 3 as runner up. I think they match your story better if you're going from the ghosts' point of view. They are all great!

  • 1 is my vote with 2 being second....I think that these two put more emphasis on the ghosts as the focus, although they are all working well compositionally!


  • thanks a lot @Chip-Valecek @Debra-Garcia @Johanna-Kim @nyrrylcadiz @burvantill @Eli @Laurie ! I really appreciate the feedbacks. So far #1 is the favourite, and I think it's true that it represents the point of view from the ghost better. I will edit the ghosts closer as @nyrrylcadiz suggestion.

    @artwithashley thanks for your feedbacks! what you mentioned is really true. I should change the boy's gesture and expression.

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    Just now seeing this and I like number 1. It's really striking!

  • I like #2 the best; but in terms of story, I prefer #1. It makes it evident that we are looking at the ghosts as central characters, and it's arguably more clear what's going on with the little ghost boy crying.

  • Definitely number 1! It focuses most on the ghosts POV and really puts the viewer in the shoes of that character.

  • I finally have time again and back to this piece (although Halloween is over). I changed the ghost character from the last time to give better visualization.

    Here is the sketch

    and here is the color rough

    any feedbacks are welcome! πŸ™‚

  • Poor ghosts! I like how your colors are going!

  • @lenwen I think that this piece is looking lovely. I would probaby try give the trick or treaters a little more breathing room and will you be using the light of the ghost to illuminate the tree? That would look pretty interesting πŸ™‚

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    @lenwen i really like that you made the ghost into a girl. I think it works better this way. Great job!

  • thanks a lot @Martha-Sue and @nyrrylcadiz !

    Also thank you so much @Gary-Wilkinson for the feedback! , I tried to give more space for the treaters. I also put high grass as their background to make them more readable. I still didn't work on the tree yet instead I changed the ghost design. Hope it looks better now πŸ™‚


  • Wow good job! I like the colors for the Ghost. I don't know if this is finished, but I feel the Ghost could have some transparency to show it is more of a ghost. Also the kids in the back need some faces. Otherwise well done!

  • I love the 3 original thumbnails. They feel like a sequence in a comic book. There is a strong sense of story when the 3 thumbnails were next to each other. I read as a story about a lonely ghost mom and a ghost child watching other kids having fun. The ghost child really wanted to join the trick and treat party with the other kids. Ghost mom however knew the rule: ghost can not play with human. It is a great beginning for a story. What would mom do to help the child not feeling left out? does the ghost child find a way to play with the other kids after all?

    Your later illustration has a great atmosphere as well. But it is less clear to me what the story is about. Maybe because the facial expression of the ghost girl is ambivalence. Is she scared, or longing for something? I am not sure.

  • @xin-li thank you for your feedbacks. Your point of view is so interesting. I didn't think the story also can turn out that way (from my first 3 thumbnails).
    I totally agree with the point you've mentioned. I tried to fix the facial expression of the ghost a little bit but after all, I think the ambivalence of the ghost is probably also can let the viewers build their own perception (like how you came with interesting story from my thumbnails). So I decide to go with it, thank you again πŸ™‚

    @alexsen thank you! I just finished it now and as your feedback, I made the ghost more transparent.
    Here is the final version:


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