Fall contest - WIP (feedback requested)

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    @johanna-kim That is so beautiful! I love the softness in you watercolors, really well done!
    I don't know how much you can change at this point, but the only things I can see are

    • I may have gone darker on the cat, really separate him from the background
    • I may have put one of the leaves closer to the boy who has his arms open to catch leaves

    But as you can see those are subjective things! It's already a great painting!

  • Oh wow! This turned out quite nice!

    I dunno if you're working digitally or traditionally, but putting some sun-dappled shade on the boy in the lower right might make hime feel more in-place. It looks like he's standing in the shade of the tree, but is lit from somewhere off camera at the moment.

  • SVS OG

    @art-of-b Thanks for your observation and suggestion. I had the same thought (how to anchor this boy in place better?) but hadn't thought of adding the sun-dappled shade on him. I think I was worried he'd be less visible but perhaps he's too visible right now. I'll make the change (I can edit digitally) and resubmit. This illustration has been quite a challenge for me.

  • SVS OG

    @nessillustration Thanks so much for your nice comments and suggestions. I'll will revisit my piece and see if I can improve it before the deadline. Hope folks don't mind that I've been revising my piece after submitting it to the contest thread.

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