FALL WIP: Pecan Tree Paraglider

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    I was thinking about making a fun way for the leaves to fall the autumn, and thought a parachuting sprite or brownie elf or something would be awesome, with the leaves as parachutes. Then I realized paragliding makes more sense with the shape of leaves, and thought landing on a pile of leaves world be awesome too.

    I tried other angles and perspectives, and this ground view is my favorite. But...I can't decide whether to do a landscape or square format. I tend to lean toward square for almost everything I do .

    I'm going for a lighthearted, exciting, fun feeling. Does this composition capture that? I think it does, but I'd like confirmation (or contradiction if applicable) Does it communicate the story? Is there anything I'm missing?

    (This is my very first artwork post. Crossed fingers)

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    @debra-garcia Thats a fun idea, I like the camera angle on it. Looking forward to seeing it coming along.

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    Some sketch-doodles, trying to work out the leaf wing and an acorn helmet.

  • SVS OG

    @Debra-Garcia love it! Just keep the breezyness if the hanglider. Looks great so far. Love the shape on the left leaf. Helmet and facial expression is adorable!

  • Nice work so far!

    I'm a sucker for ground/worm's eye view kinds of compositions so this looks pretty awesome to me.

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    Only 9 days left! Ahhhhh! Keeping "finished, not perfect" in mind, I really need to start the painting on this tomorrow if possible. I like where it's going, so that's good. Even if I miss the deadline, I plan on finishing this, and maybe hanging it in the kids' room.

    I'm having trouble with the upper right hand corner and right edge, getting the tree to look right. I can't put my finger on what's wrong there.

  • @debra-garcia I think you're doing a great job of getting across the feeling that you're going for. And I think you're going at a good speed. To me, it looks like you've done some good prework and you're confident in the way the final is coming along.

    The right hand corner looks awesome to me...and I don't think im seeing what you're seeing the right edge. Have you looked at it more and figured out anything that was bothering you?

    Keep it up!


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    I just finished my first painting session. I've used the last couple days' spare moments to work on getting the feet right. It took so long. Lol

    @Lee-White would probably scold me for my choice of tape... But I have to use what I can find. My other tape has been misplaced, so this is what I have to work with.

    While the toddler napped, we all painted at the table. My second youngest was so sad that he couldn't use my fancy paints that he didn't paint at all for the majority of the time. Poor buddy. I'm glad he eventually came around.

    I like how it's going so far, but does anyone have any advice before I add the next layer?

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    @debra-garcia very nice so far (except that colored tape!)

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    I got some more done at the park today while the kids played. I hated it when I added the second layer, but now I like it again. Lol

  • @debra-garcia
    Oh man! That struggle is real!
    Glad you found your paces again - loving how that leaf is starting to pop.

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