Practice Cabin - Inking, Value and Light etc

  • Hello all,
    Here is some practice work I have been doing.

    This was just a simple sketch and ink-up of a cabin I came across. I feel like there are some successful areas (for instance, the porch I like best), and then some areas that I got carried away with detailing that ends up making that region confusing.

    So I went about trying to balance a bit of that with value, light and shadow, etc.

    Successful or not, I feel like I learned something, which was the point. Feedback and criticism is always welcome.

  • trying to sort out image attachments here... Any..uh...tricks to it?

  • Weird - edits "flagged as spam". Well, just imagine a really great cabin... LOL..

    or, See here via google photos:

  • When I first got on here it is confusing trying to figure out how to post. I had trouble with my images taking a long time to load into my preview. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.

    Love your work!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @adc make sure your images are smaller then 1500px width or height. When you click on the upload image, give a few second to load to the server. It will then appear in the preview window. Once it appears there you are safe to submit your post. The key is not to load large images.

  • @chip-valecek I get that's where I went wrong. Probably a full size deal. Makes sense to scale them down. Thanks Chip, and @Squirrelsize!

  • Attempt #2. Here's the ink work.


    And here's the value, light bit.


    Has a fun time coloring wood with zero browns or really any color even in that family.

    Thoughts for improvement always warmly welcomed.

  • SVS OG

    @adc love how helpful your cat is being - holding down the papers for you lol Surprised there are no paw prints present. 😃
    Won't offer any advice cos I'm just learning myself but seems to capture 'old cabin in woods' feel to me

  • Thanks @missmushy. Yeah, that's Cheddar. And that...him laying there right in the middle of stuff...that's VERY him like. I think he gets lonely if I'm more than a yard or two away. HAHA.

  • I like it!

    Warm windows with a cool exterior works great, and using ink hatching for the occlusion shadows works real well.

    Is there anything in particular you want feedback on?

  • Thank you @art-of-b. That's a great question. So I am planning to build and move into illustration professionally (at least on the side of my day job or now).
    I'm trying to sort out where my niche might be. I really love the idea of doing artwork for kids lit, but I'm also kinda curious about graphic novel stuff (or like illustrated works for slightly older "kids" ;). For instance, I was surprised how many people asked me to make a book out of the stuff I did for Inktober in 2016. That got me super excited, but then also I kinda wanted to take a serious look at my style, and the direction I want to go.
    Ultimately I'm looking for areas to grow as an artist, or perhaps clear areas of weakness that I could focus improvement in.

    SVS has been a great resource, refreshing me on many art school things I have kinda forgotten over the years.

    Sorry, rambling here. Thanks for the encouraging words. 😃

  • The first area I plan to redouble my efforts on, is my early sketches / exploration / and composition. I really get impatient to get on with inking and other aspects, and I know I could come up with stronger compositions, visual "story", etc...