Wicked Witch - Take Two

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    Your definitely progressing with your art skills!! I'm loving the creepy design.

    Hope you don't mind I think there is a couple of opportunities to get some lost edges in your design. It might give you an idea 🙂0_1535396336035_kevin.jpg

  • Loving the changes. The grin has a lot more personality. Additionally, I believe she's missing an eye? I think you've clarified that point better as well. While I don't think the first version is bad by any means, the update is more subtly handled. Don't be too hard on yourself! I think it's inevitable to look back on pieces and find problems, because we've advanced as artists.

    I do like how @Jason-Bowen has given it a darker background. It helps to really focus in on the character and sells the mood of her character better.

    Well done! You've really developed a very cool rendering style.

  • WOW --she looks great! I actually had no problem with the first one and thought it was a cool rendering but I like the new one also. I really like the hat, it's just bizarre and looks old world and cobbled and perfect. I REALLY love the stitched leather and the star. I'm not sure how you could make her MORE ominous. She's pretty darned ominous now--ha ha! Oh my god, are those little needles or hatpins? Wow. Cool detail. I definitely think the new one goes (even) better with the rest of your Oz images.

  • It looks amazing. Works better with the darker background from Jason. My only comment is the eye. It is a bit glazy. But maybe that was intentional. Otherwise looks great. 😎

  • I think the first one definitely has character and a voice and I love it. But I can also see your progression in the second one, and it looks like the same hand made the whole image, whereas the first one is slightly disjointed between face and object.
    So exciting to see a different and fascinating rendition of the wicked witch and I am very excited to check out and see more work in this universe.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback - it is So helpful to me!! especially when feel i cannot see a piece clearly anymore -

    @jason-bowen Thanks for the paint over and the kind words Jason! - i like a lot of what you've done to it
    @TessaW Thank you so much for the feedback! (And thank you for the rendering style compliment too 🙂
    @Eli Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback Eli! - it is always good to hear your input 🙂
    @nasvikdraws Thank you for your feedback on this! I definitely have gone back and forth with that eye....a lot...so it is good to hear your opinion to add to the scales - thanks again!
    @kaitlinmakes Thank you for your feedback and thoughts on this - very much appreciated!

  • I like your first but do think your second is improvement. I like what Jason did with adding more dark to it--I'm excited to see what you end up doing with it!

  • SVS OG

    @sarahluann Thank you for the feedback SarahLuann! I will definitely darken the background in the final 🙂

  • I looked at them closely and then stepped away then compared them again. It really just feels like either 2 different versions of a character or 2 characters that are part of a duo together. I can’t say if either of them are better or worse just 2 different versions of equal quality. If that makes sense. They both give me a similar feel, they have a similar pose, similar features. I can see how you added detail but unless someone is really comparing these closely, there aren’t any major differences that make me go “this is definitely better” other than the switch in black and white.

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    @swordofodin Thank you for the feedback - i really appreciate it!

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    I think i've made a breakthrough on the Witch's face - much more sinister - i think i was trying to keep her slightly sympathetic by having rounded forms in her features - discarding that idea is helping a lot! Still a work in progress of course but i finally am feeling good about her!

    0_1536176185256_Flattened 6 small.png

    Here it is sent through the cut-out filter in photoshop a la Lee White - set to 3 levels ...looks pretty close - maybe a bit more light around the eyes ...

    0_1536011082799_cuttout 3 levels.png

  • This is looking great Kevin!

    As a side note, I've noticed your website brings us to a landing page that says OZ and Not OZ. I wonder if this diminishes your other work by labeling it like this?

  • SVS OG

    @tessaw Thank you so much Tessa! I have been working on changing my website all morning - part of the feedback i got from Stephen Silver's skype mentorship was to make a landing page on my website and break up the content into a couple different pages - Oz related images on one page and my other work on the other page ...... can you think of a good way to label the two buttons? I just now changed the buttons to "oz series" and "illustrations"....do you think that might work better?

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @kevin-longueil I think those buttons work.

  • Please let us know when this book is available! I'd love to get a copy!

  • Ok, I was wrong! She CAN be more ominous!!! Phenomenal work as usual...

  • Wow, this is amazing! I don't really have any comment on the witch, other than the current version looks way creepier and dangerous, so great job!

    Just took a look at your portfolio and loved the OZ series, when will the book be available?

  • SVS OG

    Thank you for the feedback and encouragement - i had September 24th as my deadline for having this submitted to Amazon...but i keep finding things i have to redo so i do not think i will quite make it - there are a couple more pieces i need to tweak before i submit (i really need to work on the witch's hands too) - thanks again!

    @Eli @kaitlinmakes @JulPer @Chip-Valecek

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