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    Was that click bait enough? Anyway, yes stop what you are doing and go watch "The Power of Grayskull" documentary on Netflix. It is so good and very inspirational.

  • darn! we don't all have netflix you know that? 😛

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    @heidi-ahmad 😞 aww sorry, it was really good watch. Growing up in he 80's and 90's I loved He-Man.

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    Just pulled it up. I'll let you know what I think!

  • @chip-valecek @Heidi-Ahmad I don't have Netflix either 😕 used the love He-man when I was Little!

  • @rachy I didn't grow up watching He-man, had to google him. it's not fun to feel left out, especially after you already clicked the bait...i mean the post xD tsk tsk

  • @chip-valecek no worries! why did you love He-Man?

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    @heidi-ahmad I'm not sure what the draw to him was back when I was a kid. I guess the marketing pulled me in. I also loved Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. I loved cartoons in general (I still do). I think that is why I got into animation in college but switched gears half way through to become a web designer. I sometimes wish I didn't.

  • @chip-valecek i loved ninja turtles too 😃 and cartoons generally! animation to web design isn't common but i'm sure there's a story behind it. i wish I learned character animation properly. don't have time to dedicate to learning that atm.

  • Ok Chip, your clickbait worked- I watched it! Super interesting. I didn't realize it started as a toy line. Love hearing how it started and evolved and all that artwork was eye-candy. I was pretty young when the show came out, but I remember watching it with my siblings and the neighborhood kids and I remember loving She-Ra, though I can't remember any of the episodes. I just went and watched an episode of She-Ra on youtube. So goofy and weird! I love it. There are so many clips that would be fun to turn into gifs.

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    @HeidiGFX basically I was in a sound editing class where you had to add sound effects to a cartoon and the teachers behind me where talking about a new coding language called ColdFusion and how much money could be made if you got in on it. I was also taking a graphic design course and thought to myself it might be easier to get a job doing web design then getting a job in animation. So I made the change. Sorta glad I did cause I was able to land a job while I was still in school. 18 years later I am still with the same company. I get to be creative at work and still get to do my passion of art at night. It all worked out.

    @TessaW I also didn't know it was a toy line first. I just remember watching the cartoon and having all the toys. Watching it brought back so many memories of being a kid.

  • We've been watching "The Toys That Made Us" on Netflix - also very memory inducing, we've had a lot of fun reminiscing and, actually, even though we've been married for 17 years, found out some new stuff about each other and the toys we each liked as kids...Totally fun!!

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    @laurie I will have to check that one out.

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    @chip-valecek I went for my associates in web design but truly wanted to just make art. My art fundamentals class was amazing! I was conflicted though during life drawing classes. I had my wife in one ear telling me to take a glance at the model and then look just at the paper, and then my teacher was telling us look at the model and focus on her, don't really look at the paper. I could see the humor in it all even then! haha

  • @jaepereira Lol. "Just look at the model out of the corner of your eye. That should be good enough!"

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