• Hey everyone!

    I'm an artist in Provo Utah, taking up @lee-white's networking challenge! I wanted to throw some drawings/sketches up here and see if there was anyone that would want to get together for a cheap lunch & draw. I'm not currently in school and would love to talk to someone who is currently in a program and see what they like about it, what challenges they have, etc... OR, talk with someone else who isn't going to school and hearing their challenges/what their loving about the work as well! I guess in general I feel alone as an artist, not being in a program, and would love to just have an hour to connect with someone that might be going through similar things that I am as a creator.

    If this is a completely inappropriate way to go about this, someone feel free to let me know.


    [0_1535070435612_bbae2f_7843837631fb4ed99a1ca822b928caee_mv2.webp](Uploading 100%) give me a heads up.

    0_1535070984188_33430095_1955984627765824_8056646378509565952_n.jpg 0_1535070990292_30709978_1912607312103556_1581714014189125632_n.jpg 0_1535070993524_28167090_1852906854740269_6255095615718881609_n.jpg 0_1535070998253_23621532_1737632312934391_1712703678944732216_n.jpg 0_1535071023389_27751966_1837493769614911_4529442221989867871_n.jpg

  • you should ask Will about the Draw Lunches they do. They have a big turnout for that and it looks really fun.

  • @lee-white will you be in Nashville for the SCBWI conference in September? It looks like it should be a good one.

  • Your work is amazing! I wish i could meet up with you and all the other students in svs but i’m an ocean away. Until then, i guess.

  • @pinky yep, i should be there in some capacity. I was going to do some portfolio reviews, but I got here so late that it was hard to work me in. I'm going to be doing some full workshops here through scbwi too.

  • @lee-white that's awesome! Hope to see you there! I'll be in the illustration intensive on Friday -- I'll be the one shaking uncontrollably (I'll keep the whimpering to a minimum). 😉 JK, looking forward to getting a different perspective and learning how to improve.

  • @lee-white What's the best way to contact him? Email...maybe SVS messaging?

  • This post is deleted!

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