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  • Posting more to have a roadmap of my progress and keep myself on track, but as always comments and criticisms are most appreciated πŸ™‚

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  • @art-of-b this is looking great! The mother looks as if someone shot her in the head with an arrow. Maybe make it look more like the dad with tissue in ears. The other think is with the hair, if the boy was getting blown back, wouldn't the hair be going forward?

  • @chip-valecek

    Thanks, Chip!

    I'm hoping that the celery in the mother's ears will look a little less like an errant arrow once it's green and leafy XD

    As for the hair I think i was going for more of a whole-body head-bang, squeezing his diaphragm and throwing his head forward. You're absolutely right, though, it does look like he's being blown off his feet. I'll try a version with the hair swept forward before I do the values, I think πŸ™‚

  • Work progresses! Next step is valuez.

    alt text

  • This is making me giggle. I love it. The mother's expression is perfect.

  • I love the little mouse wearing what I assume are noise cancelling headphones. The little details throughout the drawing are wonderful and make me want to spend time really looking around the whole scene.

  • My brother played the Trombone so this caught my eye, and the memory of the sound is pounding in my head. We had a dog at the time. He'd howl with my brother's trombone and my flute playing. The love sacrifice of listeners lols. I love how the momentum of playing lifted the son up and for that reason why would not he need to tie up his shoe laces (you can't trip on them in the air =)) I also enjoy how his parents have just grabbed anything to mussel the sound.


  • Fantastic, love the movement, I can hear the noise! My only comment is on the angle of living room door trim and the lines of the kitchen window, the way it is drawn the kitchen looks like it would have to be a triangular design, I could be wrong though...Fantastic concept!

  • I love this so much! Spot on so far! Can’t wait for it to develop!

  • Love the energy!

  • I love watching your pieces develop. Your process is really good inspiration. I'm loving the energy of this so far and you've nailed the gesture of the kid.

  • Thanks all for the feedback and comments πŸ™‚

    @lmrush It does look like a strange triangular kitchen, doesn't it? I had the lines of the window/cabinets and such parallel to the page originally but it seemed boring. Maybe it was the wrong call πŸ™‚

    Rough value studies done, (went with the bottom right one) next is actual values and then on to colour.

    alt text

  • Wow! I am in love with this. Reminds me of my sixth grade. I think this is a very strong composition. I think A of the last group looks most natural with the lighting.

  • Haha! This is precious!

  • During my first year in college, i took a BA in Music and let me just tell you when our classmates who never played brass instruments before like the trumpets, tubas, french horns, etc tried their hands on them, it was a very chaotic few minutes. This definitely reminds me of those time.

  • @art-of-b Yes I am not sure what the answer is, perspective its tricky for me. It looks great. Awesome job on the value studies. Did you take Turbocharging with @Lee-White and @davidhohn ?

  • @lmrush Thanks! I did not take turbocharging, no. I'm still slowly working my way through the library of lessons.

    Work progresses! I think I went overboard figuring out values, but I'm still really figuring out style and process...

    I remember hearing that being too dark is better than being too light, and during the colour process It'll lighten up a bit.

    alt text

  • Dreams or Fantasies

    Excellent work @Art-of-B

  • @Art-of-B Your work is beyond my skill level to even leave a good suggestion. I simply adore this and can't wait to see the color!

  • Well, it's fantastic.
    If I could critique anything, and it really doesn't need any... It would be to tone down the shapes/render on the young boy's hair. Simplify it on the interior and make the manic shapes on the edges only. It's a bit flame like, which always bothers me.
    God, that dad is excellent. Your work is so clean. Perfecto!

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