What do you see? Looking for feedback

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    I’m not sure if this will post as I would like since I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet but if so, I’m looking for some feedback from a community of artists with creative eyes.

    What do you see when you look at this leg of tattoo work? I apologize that this isn’t regarding some illustration stuff in the traditional sense but I thought looking to my creative family on this one would be the way to go.


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    @gorillo I see a gorilla with a broken tooth. More pics would be necessary to see the rest of the leg piece, but I am going to assume he is surround by foliage.

  • I'm seeing the same thing as Chip.

  • @gorillo I'm seeing a ferocious gorilla like creature with something in its mouth, when I looked at the smaller picture I thought it was a person (that might be my eyes playing tricks) cuz when I zoomed in I saw a broken tooth and tongue. X

  • I also see the gorilla with its mouth open. It was not obvious at first glance because of the design surrounding it. But it is easy to tell when I focus to look at it.

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    @gorillo Is the gorilla supposed to be bursting out of your leg? I think the foliage looks like tendons and flesh. Nice shoes BTW. =)x

  • Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. It is indeed a gorilla with a broken tooth. @Chip-Valecek and @burvantill the rest of the leg piece is various animals but you can’t tell from that picture.

    I had this done over a year ago but lately I had wondered lately if the image was lost due to the shading and was concerned that I might be the only one to see what it’s supposed to be (not what you want for a tattoo). Like I said, I thought I’d reach out to you guys to get some feedback from sources other than my wife and my 3yr old (who doesn’t see it at all haha).

    I’m an overthinker by nature and let this one get away from me so thanks for putting my mind at ease here!

  • Im seeing a person sitting in the 'cave' of the creatures mouth.

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    @gorillo I have plenty of tattoos, so I can see things LOL but if you add color it will defiantly break everything up.

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