Hand Drawings Critique Part 4

  • I'm setting out to draw 100 hands, and asking feedback on every ten hands I draw. Below, are hands 31-40.

    The advice last time was to focus more on constructing the hand using shapes and then using shading to show the forms, instead of focusing on all the little details.

    Any critique and advice are highly appreciated! Thank you!


  • SVS OG

    Looks good, keep it up! The more you do the better you'll get at hands. I think number 34 is a bit odd haha I can't get my finger to do that. But your doing great.

  • keep practicing but instead of trying to copy the hands in the reference...try to draw them as boxes. nothing but boxes. and use shading to show different sides of the boxes that's all. keep it simple and time yourself to finish in let's say 2 to 5 minutes tops because that's how you will force yourself to focus on what's really important.

  • Great progress so far 🙂

    My advice would be to continue thinking of constructing the hand using basic shapes. Think cubes and cylinders. Start out super basic then add details as necessary. Some people start out drawing mittens then kinda separate the fingers.

    But either way more hands = better hands. Keep it up 🙂

  • @jason-bowen Yea, haha, number 34 is pretty wonky. Thanks for the positivity!

  • @heidi-ahmad I see, I'll be sure to do some hands in that way. Thanks for the advice!

  • @art-of-b Yea, I kinda got caught back into my old detail oriented drawing habit in the latter few hands. I'll be sure to keep the simple shapes in mind for the next 10 hands. Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement!

  • I applaud your continued efforts! It is no small challenge you've set for yourself. These are looking good! And you are getting great advice from everybody.

  • @davidhohn Thanks, it means a lot. I have to agree, SVS forums has so many kind and helpful people.

  • Orion, awesome work! As others have mentioned about simplification- I would also recommend that approach. I would suggest that you do a few where you are just drawing basic 3d shapes. No details at all.



  • Also when you will simplify the masses into simple objects as others said it will also help you with shading. I think yours is little bit messy, because you are cought up in the details and complexity. And when you simplify the hand. It will be easier to separate the shadow and light. I would suggest you to watch videos on shading from Proko aswell so you understand it properly.

    and good job btw 🙂

  • @tessaw These pictures are great! They're really helpful. I think for the next 10 hands I do, I'll keep it to basic 3d shapes like you say so I can really get the simplification down.

  • @jonas-zavacky That's very true, I never liked my shading. Thanks for pointing out why! I'll be sure to check Proko out, thank you!