Monthly Contest Suggestions (In case you need some Lee) POOP

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    Okay, I am a big fan of trying to weasel my way into the theme. Let's be real, in art school, how many times were the explanations the funniest part of the critiques! I'm really excited to paint my sketches this coming week for the hidden theme.

    But I need to branch out of "food art" next month. I need to make bathroom art. It would really help branch out my collections. Not everyone wants to commit to a theme for kitchen decor, but the powder room has so much possibility. Can be totally unrelated to what is happening in the rest of the home. And TONS of wall space. Who doesn't like to enjoy a beautifully clever illustration whilst doing their business? If I can get someone to laugh when they visit the bathroom I feel like I win as a person. RIGHT! That's funny.

    OH CRAP (see how that could be accidents or potty art!)
    POTTY TRAINING (because reloading the toilet paper is training a husband for sure. It's not all about the diapers)

    Anything! What other ideas can we give @Lee-White ? He's unpacking and settling in in Nashville. Let's help him out.

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    not touching this one! haha!

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    @lee-white awe man, I thought I had a good idea. I will have to make my powder room pictures on my own. I plan on making one that says “if you pee on the seat, I will clean it with your tooth brush, -love mom”

  • @whitney-simms But still post them here!

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    @eli I will! Thanks for the support!

  • @Whitney-Simms this one's for you!!0_1534306497910_HappyPoopingDog.jpg

  • (sorry about the crummy picture quality--it's acrylic on wood and has some metallic paint, so it just doesn't photograph well. Regardless, I had to post it!)

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    @eli shut up! That’s awesome! Needs to be a curb your dog poster. Told @Lee-White it was a good prompt. Now I need paint my vintage bathroom.

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    @eli LMAO!!!! That's great!

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    ![1_1534510162508_C938C4AE-0D04-4BA3-8786-71EEF48913BD.jpeg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1534510162508_FC98EDDF-EA35-4D55-9763-EFEB0B6C7351.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

    Okay. I did these for my girls’ room this week. I think they could tie into the music theme. So the butterfly I painted is kinda like a music memory. Like the feeling that leaves you after you hear a song or piece. You remember how it made you feel. You take the melody and message with you, but you don’t remember all the notes or all the words. I will have to work out the phrasing.

    On a poop note- I have some fantastic phrases and quotes I will do one I finish two more butterflies. I totally laughed when I came across them. Then we need to take about copyrights for text...

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